National Mask Code Blue Red (Jan 2021) Get the Facts

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National Mask Code Blue Red (Jan 2021) Get the Facts >> This article informs the rumours spread in some parts of the world, asking people to take some steps towards vaccination.

Corona Virus has disturbed our everyday lifestyle and led to some significant changes that seem to last lifelong. These changes include wearing masks, using hand sanitisers, avoiding crowded places and others. These will not only protect us from COVID 19 but instead will also keep us safe from the other unwanted diseases.

Every day there are some rumours either related to the virus spread or about the vaccination. The people themselves do these kinds of hoax to make them violent against the government or the departments. This article will also make you aware of the facts about one such rumour spread in the United States and Canada parts.

These rumours are about the National Mask Code Blue Red, which says that vaccinated people need to wear a specific colour of masks to be identified easily.

Please scroll down the article whether it’s a fake rumour or else the statement is passed by the government or not. We have mentioned all the facts related to the same below. Go Ahead!

What Was the News About?

There was a flyer in the Salt Lake City saying. “BE A SAFE CITIZEN AND FOLLOW THE NATIONAL MASK CODE”. 

If further added, residents who are vaccinated need to wear blue masks, and unvaccinated residents need to wear red masks.

There were some more points mentioned in the flyer about National Mask Code Blue Red which was unreadable dur to blur the image.

Government and residents reacted to it differently. Tweets related to it by the government clearing the facts that it is a rumour and no such action is taken by the government towards it.

What Did the Tweet Say?

The tweet was by the Start of UTAH COVID 19 Response on 4th of January, saying that a flyer circulating in the city asks people to wear specific masks to be recognized easily. They further added they would never encourage such decisions. It’s purely the resident choice whether they want to be vaccinated or not.

What Was the People’s Reaction towards National Mask Code Blue Red?

Residents too reacted differently towards the same. They said that it is an unwanted and waste decision by the government. They also supported appreciated the officials’ efforts for the same, for making a proper procedure to get vaccinated.

Final Verdict:

In this article, we have mentioned all the points to clear out the rumour spread in the United States and Canada parts.

The government’s in all parts of the world are trying to take all the measures to ensure that all the citizens are safe and get the vaccine as early as possible without any chaos.

National Mask Code Blue Red is thus a rumour and is not real. We advise the citizens to double-check any information before relying on it.

Please share your views about the same in the comments section below.

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