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My Pillow COVID Cure {August} Read and Decide Now!

My Pillow COVID Cure 2020

My Pillow COVID Cure {August} Read and Decide Now! -> A claim has emerged to treat the COVID-19 virus with a sleeping pillow.

With the dispersant coronavirus, many scientists are working to find a cure. Can you think a pillow can treat the virus while sleeping? It sounds ridiculous, right? My Pillow COVID Cure is making rounds in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. The most astonishing news of this controversial cure is that Trump is in support.

The Trump support has shaken the white house and the scientists to a great extent. Publishers are covering this story with their agreement and disagreement speculations. Similarly, we are digging into the recent news to grab all legit details for your better understanding. 

What is My Pillow COVID Cure?

Mike Lindell, the CEO of My Pillow COVID Cureclaims that his innovative product will treat the covid-19 virus. He is also a trump donor because of which the American President is supporting him. Details related to the textile-used to make the pillow is missing even on the main website. The owner of My Pillow company has a dark history of drug abuse and gambling. 

The owner’s history raises the eyebrows of scientists because he holds zero credibility in the medicine-formulation domain. He and his pillow has become the most-controversial news in Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States

What are the critical facts of My Pillow COVID Cure in the white house?

  • Mike Lindell’s administration asked him to bring My Pillow COVID Cure for the white house. 
  • Oleandrin drug is privately supplied to Trump by the Urban housing department and Lindell.
  • The medication, Oleandrin, is yet to be certified by the FDA.
  • Trump supports the harmful-extracted liquid by stating he will look into the matter.
  • Lindell has no legit medical certificates and holds the position of Board Director in Phoenix Biotechnology. 
  • CEO of My Pillow claims that he is bringing the cure only to earn money.

Customer Feedback:

The support of the American President, Donald Trump, is making the citizens lay trust in a single product. Besides, the white house and scientists are refuting the treatment claims. Moreover, My Pillow COVID Cure has no proven study in the market. Yet, the users are buying the pillows in bulk to protect themselves coronavirus. 

If not the treatment, then My Pillow company is making millions of dollars only by selling a self-molded pillow. Mike Lindell is also a trump donor, giving him the privilege to attain the President’s attention. It is like favoritism is taking place nationally, and people are refuting the actions. 

Final Words:

If you lay faith in the medical institutions, then beware of My Pillow COVID Cure. No test has been done by Lindell to back-up his treatment theory. Besides, a dangerous drug named Oleandrin is supplied to President Trump for which he agrees. In short, the government is risking your life on the name of COVID-19. 

Please save your money for legit and tested COVID-19 drugs instead of buying a foolish pillow. Rest, kindly share your views on our article. 

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