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My Coin Auction Reviews {Sept 2020} Read and Decide Now!

My Coin Auction Reviews

My Coin Auction Reviews {Sept 2020} Read and Decide Now! -> Now earn some returns on your virtual bids while relaxing at home.  

Do you trust virtual money earning mediums? Many people around the globe use money-making apps. Some of them are scams, whereas others give small returns. You have requested us to write My Coin Auction Reviews. Hence, we are here with our analysis and verdict.

Africa is the sole country where coin auction mobile application is widely used. Many homemakers and students have earned a minute share of their living from this app. We are breaking down the information in the below segment for your conceptualized understanding.

What is My Coin Auction?

Investing money in any medium in the hope of maximum returns always involve risks. The same applies to My Coin Auction. It is primarily an individual-to-individual platform that provides massive interest rates on your bids and investment. The mobile application is grabbing attention on a larger scale of African Market. 

Our My Coin Auction Reviews suggest that the app operation in SA Rands and Bitcoins. The auction only opens for half an hour in which you can bid or invest your money. 

How to Bid?

Our My Coin Auction Reviews showcases some points that will help you bid. 

  • You must be a registrant on the mobile application.
  • You need to click on Auction Men 
  • You see an auction to find your preferred bid
  • Select the amount and bid duration
  • Once the bid is verified, you make a payment after confirming the sellers’ banking information
  • Send a message to the seller after attaching payment proof to approve the sale
  • At last, you wait for the approval from the seller

How much can you earn?

As per My Coin Auction Reviews, there are three offers to earn. These are enlisted below:

  • If you select five days bid duration, you get 20% gains.
  • When you select ten days bid duration, you receive 45% gains.
  • If 20 days bid period is selected, you obtain 110% gains. 

Customer Feedback:

The mobile application has 3.9 stars rating. It means the users are leaving mixed comments in terms of usage, money, investment security, and transactions. My Coin Auction Reviews claim 70% of the existing users are getting returns and earning in bulk. The remaining 30% claim to not have any idea about the app working and transactions.

Overall, the virtual auction for coins is similar to authentic and physical gold coins sale. Hence, risks are involved, and chances to cheat is higher in the mobile application. 

Final Verdict:

On negative My Coin Auction Reviews, most users are refuting the claims. It implies they are earning money and satisfy with the virtual trading business. Nevertheless, we can only find mixed reviews which leave us in awe. We cannot ascertain whether it is a scam or legit. 

If you are an African and used this auction medium to earn, then please share your experience down below. It will assist potential users in investment decision making. 

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  1. For now my coin auction is the best that could possible change our lives since we lost our jobs during pandemic it is a poverty relief to us black people. Only if we stick to the plan of bidding , pay and seller approves, we will go places with my coin auction. Money is really circulating. This is for us who can not get tenders or be part of screwing govt funds. Phambili MCA Phambili

    1. hop the current situation didnt trap u in. Its closing people out as of today 24.09.2020. Noone can sell their coins, people are tressed, they can take out their money, they are demanded to pay 20% of the amount you own so that you can sale the coins, but there is no chances of winning as the system closes u out. and the 20% expires in 24 hours. This initiative need not to praised

      1. Same here. I have made a 20%+ Bid of the withdrawal I want to make yet I still get the same message to make the 20% Bid when trying to sell, It’s been 3 weeks now, the 20%+ bid made is about to mature and guess what? I will be required to make another 20% bid whereas I’m still battling to sell. None of their bloody asssistance are responding to my texts. A while ago I was getting a message that coins have reached 10M so I must wait when they are below, Yet the coins reflecting for sale are over 11M? I asked them how possible is that other Bidders are able to sell upto 11M while others can’t? None of the is able to address my concerns.

        Honestly, My Coin Action is becoming a total disaster.. I won’t reccomend it to anyone anymore. It is Bullshit. Our Money is stuck with them.

  2. What can I write under”notes to display to the buyer”
    I’m done with banking details but I’m left with that part of “notes to display to the buyer.please help

    1. Am trying to sell mycoin for over one month. Now i can’t they asked me to buy 20percent of my bid i buy nothing happened till now. My money is 15k there’s

  3. For the last 6 days I have been trying to sell my coins, the is simple, try after the next auction. Any specific reason behind this?

  4. I know of many people who invested their hard-earned money in the hope to make more money to pay their bills during this terrible Covid-19 times. I also bought coins, and noticed that they keep on changing the rules. Easy to buy but not to sell!! Now they have also removed the Chatbot and one cannot lodge complaints! This company is suspect and should be reported to the correct authorities such as international cyber fraud?

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