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My Body Revolution Reviews [April 2021] Is It Worthy Or Not?

My Body Revolution Reviews 2020

My Body Revolution Reviews: Dear readers are you a fitness geek? Or are you looking for the best weight loss tools? It’s a perfect platform to know about such devices. First, we will review the site-, which sells a similar kind of products you are searching for.

Who doesn’t want to get a flat stomach and a summer body? People in the United State workout, walk, do yoga, or do ample exercises, but they do not get the desirable results. They wish for some miracles to happen time and again.

In our unbiased review we have come upbest weight loss at home devices which are already popular on Amazon, and you don’t have to worry about their legitimacy, ratings and most importantly the customer reviews.

So, keep reading to know more about Is My Body Revolution andthese products.


My Body Revolution site claims that it was a team that was passionate about health, personal well being, and sports found MyBodyRevolution in January 2019. Their company produces products to keep you in shape and help you achieve the body you have always thought of in your dreams.

They specialize in personal well-being, fitness, and weight training, and they prioritize in satisfying their customers as much as possible. They focus more on the quality of the product they deliver worldwide, including the United State.

Their goal is to encourage their clients to love their bodies and achieve their goals of weight loss, weight gain, or weight training. They guarantee excellent results in 30 days.

Their products include Full Revolution, Body Revolution, Abs Revolution, Booty Revolution, Body Replacement Gels, and Booty Replacement Gels.


The new EMS technology 2.0 (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) and other similar products are valid for those who wish to bring their body into good shape as they seem fit.

Those who want to lose or gain weight can access these gadgets and this website.

However, it is also essential to know what are their pros and cons.

  • They give a 30-day guarantee.

  • They claim to have offered 98.5% customer satisfaction.

  • The products are not that expensive.

  • The company specializes in fitness.

  • They claim to provide quality treatment and experience.

  • The payment path is secured.

  • International delivery.

  • There is no information about the owner.

  • The site lacks address and contact number.

  • The address of the company is missing from the site.

  • There is no contact number provided.

  • The company doesn’t have any other social networking links.

  • The details about shipping, exchange, return, and cancellation are missing from the website.

  • Most of the My Body Revolution Reviews are negative.

  • They do not have an option of cash on delivery.

  • They have a limited number of products.


Following are the instructions to use the MyBodyRevolution.

  1. Press the ON button once you put the device on the body part you want to train.
  2. Press on the PROGRAM and choose the program. To increase the intensity, press the ON button.
  3. It is a session of 12 minutes, and the work of the desired area should be 24 minutes.
  4. End on the STOP button to end the session.
  5. Gently remove the device from the body.


  • Website link:
  • Website type: Website selling fitness gadgets
  • Delivery time: Not specified on the website
  • Cancellation: Not stated on the website
  • Exchange: Not quoted on the website
  • Return: Not defined on the website
  • Shipping cost: Free shipping
  • Company address: Not available on the site
  • Email address:
  • Contact No.: Not visible on the site
  • Mode of payment: Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay, American Express Card


The customer reviews of the site are highly positive and have given 4.5-star ratings to the product. However, the absence of the site on any social media channel and other platforms creates doubts in our mind.

We find mixed reviews of the customers, but majorly they are critical and are contradictory to the site reviews.

Hence, we can’t just rely on website reviews and ratings.

So, we have found out some completely genuine products which will give a beautiful and shaped body, and you don’t have even to worry about as they are readily available on Amazon. So, let’s read about –

So, as promised in the beginning, now it’s the time to read about Best weight-loss gadgets of 2020 which are ruling the market.

1) The Flex Belt Abdominal Muscle Toner: The toner has medically tested Abdominal Toning Technology and clearance by FDA. Both males and females can use it.


  • It is a perfect belt for Strengthening, Toning, and Firming the abdominal Muscles.
  • Both men and women can use it.
  • Results can be seen within just a few weeks.
  • Clinically Demonstrated Test Results
  • It is convenient to use
  • It can be used even while exercising, walking, or just relaxing.
  • The Gel pads must be changed every 20-30 sessions.
  • It is also being used by Brian Wade (Athlete and Fitness Trainer to the Stars)
  • Lisa Rinna is also using it – (Actress, Fitness Geek, and Author)

  • 100% of buyers felt more toned body.

  • 92.3% of buyers felt the more firmed abdominal muscles

  • It has been ranked as #22 in Core Strength & Abdominal Trainers on Amazon

  • It has been given 3.8-star ratings on Amazon.

  • It is chosen by the stars as well.

  • Currently, it is shipped only within the U.S

  • Not for those with a waist size of more than 53 inches

2) 6 –in- 1 Body Slimming Machine: It is an EMS massager for a whole body.


  • It is the 6-In-One machine to lose fat.
  • It can also be used for facial massage.
  • Includes- EMS, High-Frequency SONIC,
  • Red colour (620-630nm) for increasing blood circulation, wrinkle treatment, etc., and Blue colour (455-470nm) is used to treat acne, decrease scarring, – only for oily and sensitive skin.
  • Ionic import and export- Positive ions and negative ions
  • It can be used for stomach, belly, legs, hips, face, arm, and abdomen.

  • It gives you S-Shape-Body

  • It helps to reduce weight

  • The product has a 25 % discount.

  • It helps in skin tightening and lifting.

  • It removes metal ion components present in the skin.

  • It reduces wrinkles and fine lines.

  • It has been ranked as #278 in Electric Back Massagers

  • It has been ranked as #9544 in Health Care Products.

  • It has been given 3.6-star ratings on Amazon.

  • The product has no information about the companies where it ships

  • This is not a cordless product

3) Ben Belle Abs Stimulator and Muscle TonerIt is a perfect Rechargeable and wireless device for complete gyming.


  • It is the Newest Design Muscle toner – tightening, toning and firming muscles.
  • It is 6-In-One Mode stimulator for different body parts.
  • It has 9-level of intensity for every muscle.
  • It has Ergonomic pad
  • It uses EMS-Technology
  • It has a 360 degree and wireless controller
  • It has USB-Charging Mode – Fast charging, long-lasting power
  • It has PU material
  • Its gel sheet has good conductivity of electricity.

  • It has an intelligent High sensitivity chip

  • It is easy and convenient to use

  • It has replaceable gel pads.

  • It has been ranked as #136 in Core Strength & Abdominal Trainers on Amazon

  • It has received 4.2-Star ratings on Amazon.

  • No information about shipping countries

So, what are you waiting for? Just visit Amazon store and purchase latest in weight loss technology 2020 product.


In our final verdict, we can only say the site seems to be a potential scam as they don’t have any social media presence and lacks essential details of contact number and address, though the site has been into the market from the more than 1.5 years. Don’t you think it is a little awkward?

Moreover, most of the buyers are complaining that it is a scam and not suggesting others to buy anything from it.

If you still wish to buy My Body Revolution product because of unbelievable discounts, we suggest you first to invest your time in research and then spend your hard-earned money.

We would request our readers to share their My Body Revolution Reviews in the comment section below.


  1. I bought this through a promotional ad by Sophia Ritchie and they quickly took my $75 and no product shipping tracking says no later than may 3rd & yet to change. I’ve emailed them about 7-8 times. I hate this but I’m about to dispute the transaction with my bank. I really wanted to try this ab workout machine.

  2. THIS SITE IS A SCAM. i bought their products two months ago and i did’t received anything and they don’t answer my email.

  3. This doesn’t even turn on. I waited months to get my product and ordered with Sofia Richies discount code and I have done countless hours of reading and can’t even find out how to get the dang thing to turn on or work. None of the directions make sense and I’m frustrated because I waited so long for this and was SO excited and none of it even works. None of it. Doesn’t do anything once the red lights are on and they go off within seconds . I have read all of the reviews (which lead me to buy this product in the first place) and I am dumbfounded that mine doesn’t do ANYTHING like other buyers are claiming nor can I get anyone to respond to emails.

    1. Try to hit the on button twice with a pause in between. I find I have to press the on button wait a couple seconds and then press it again for it to go.


  4. You guys, I thought it was a scam as well. I bought these in March and they arrived today. Four month later, notheless they have arrived intact. So aybe it’s just about the speed of the shipping. For the person who’s not having any luck turning them on, put batteries in the remote thingy. Attach each remote to one of the pads. there’s like two buttons on each pad that you need to attach to the remote. then place it on your body. Once attached press the On button twice not once but twice. If you want it to be more tense keep pressing ON

    1. Hey Haze! Besides the huge delay (might be Covid related) how are you finding the product? Do you find it works well? I’m curious to know your intake on it 🙂 THANKS!

  5. J’ai acheté le full body pack l’année dernière et je ne l’ai utilisé que 3 fois et j’ai toujours enlevé les batteries après utilisation. J’ai commander des nouvelles pacth en gel il y 1 mois et les commandes (3) ne fonctionnent déjà plus même avec de nouvelles batteries. Je leur ai écrit à 4 reprises et je ne pas eu une seule réponse de leur part (ils ont même changer leur appareil depuis… étrange!!)
    De plus depuis 2 semaines ils annoncent un rabais de 60% et disent que c’est valide seulement pour la journée (arnaque). Bien qu’Élisabeth Rioux offre en plus une PROMO de 25% de plus, je ne recommande à personne d’encourager cette compagnie.

    I bought the full body pack last year and only used it 3 times and always removed the batteries after use. I ordered new gel pacth 1 month ago and the orders (3) no longer work even with new batteries. I wrote to them 4 times and I didn’t get a single response from them (they even changed their device since … strange !!)
    In addition for 2 weeks they have been announcing a 60% discount and saying that it is valid only for the day (scam). Although Élisabeth Rioux also offers a PROMO of 25% more, I do not recommend anyone to encourage this company.

  6. It took me only two weeks to get this product in the mail. I used it for the first time last night and it actually feels like it could work (if used for a long period of time). It’s too early to tell with results yet but I’m going to give it a chance. The site was definitely not a scam. I received emails informing me my product had been shipped and they do have prompt customer service.

  7. They are scam, I bought it after saw a post from an Instagram influencer, I have opened an investigation with my bank.



  9. I’ve yet to discover if this noted scam product works or not. Not really surprised to find out they offer no refund for unopened products and they claim Covid19 as their reason. I only bought it because I saw Savannah Crisley endorsing it. I had thought they were decent and honest people, maybe she got the screw, like we all have? I bought them for gifts but they came long after the 9 days estimated shipping time, more like 25 days and after Christmas. When I asked about returning they gladly told me they dont offer returns because of sanitary reasons and Covid-19. I think the Pandemic is a very good reason not to buy their crap if anyone sees this review. If its contaminated in the packages at my house it probably is at their place too. Do Not BUY!!!

  10. I purchased it on March 6 th the price was cheap I received it after one week later and started it today . We shall see how it goes . .

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