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Curveslove Reviews – Is Buying From Here Good or Not!

Curveslove Reviews 2020

Curveslove Reviews – Is Buying From Here Good or Not! -> The website provides a modern and affordable clothing range and accessories for women.

Curveslove Reviews: Another spam or reliable trendy site

Curveslove Reviews is what you are looking for! You landed the right place, and we will give you all the necessary information about the site. 

This site has all the modern chic fashion trendy stuff for the females. It has all bottoms, tops, dresses, accessories, including chunky Jewellery and bags to lure the women.

But the credibility of this site is a little low. 

It provides free delivery over a capped amount to all places and even in the United State as well.

What is the Curveslove website?

Curveslove site has different women worth trying collection from bottoms, tops, and even dresses. It provides trendy fashion products at a very affordable price range. That makes this site very tempting for all the ladies.

Over the few months, it appears to be gaining traffic too since it has all trendy material available to shop. However, all good things might not be that good.

So before investing or buying from the site, you must know a few more facts about the place.

Although the products do appear not so exclusive since similar things are available on other sites too, so just falling for the price might be risky.

 Precise specifications of Curveslove website:

  • Website type- It all sorts of fashion impeccable and trendy clothing and accessories for women. 
  • Shipping time- It usually takes 10-20 days, but for some places, it might even take 30 days.
  • Shipping charge- It provides free delivery over orders of $ 129.
  • Return- Return is accepted with refunds and for that image of the product damaged if any, within three days. It can be sent to them for the initiation of the process.
  • Exchange- No information is provided.
  • Contact details of the website- 
  • Company name: Jinjiang Qixiang Elec. Commerce Co Limited.
  • Address: 3F/ Hornet Sporting Goods Co., Limited., Chenjing Town, Xibian Industrial Zone,  Jinjiang City       
  • Email:
  • Phone# +12563695004
  • Payment method- The site accepts all cards and wallets like Paypal.

Is Curveslove a scam site or a legit one?

Curveslove Reviews are not much over the internet, and those available are not mostly talking about its positives. 

Also, the security system of the site for personal processing information, and others does not seem to be security proof, which is a must. It is a need for all big websites, and that even ensures safe transactions too. 

Further, knowing nothing about the delivered quality of the products, it will be a waste of time and energy to invest on that site. 

It does show off some trendy stuff out of which most pictures are either copied or available over other sites too.

Besides, its affordable range nothing appears right about the site, so calming it a legit can be a mistake.

Is Curveslove a good site for a shopper or not?

Well, the site does lure women of all ages with fancy bags and accessories with amazing dresses all at affordable price. But this dreamy website does not look a real fit for its customers.

Without any back or assurance of safe transactions and the right products delivered. No such feedback is available over the internet.

Does Curveslove have any unique benefits of shopping from it?

  • It offers a fantastic collection of clothing and accessories for women at a very reasonable and affordable price.
  • It claims to provide free shipping over a cap of amount $129 and above. 
  • All the products are trendy and fashionable.

Does Curveslove have any particular drawbacks to shop from it?

  • No precise clarity is available over size specifications and the exchange of products.
  • Like many other doubtful sites, this one also does not provide a COD option.
  • Online reviews are too less to consider relying on any firm decision. 

Summarised conclusion: provides a range of dress collections and accessories for women from artificial Jewelry to bags. All those things are very trendy and fashionable and affordable too. However, the credibility of the site cannot account for real. 

Because nowadays, such sites are prevalent and significant scammers too. So until some positive reviews come up on the internet. Else, until a person shares any personal experience of product quality and delivery. 

So investing in buying from such sites appears risky, although their material appears luring. 

Finally, not opting to invest in such sites at the very first sight is the only way to prevent your money from getting wasted.

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  1. Curveslove is a terrible site. Not only did they send me the incorrect goods. The sizes are all over the place 3xl is a size 12.
    They will not pay for the return of goods even though it is their mistake, expect me to pay $20 USD for postage
    will never purchase from here again.

  2. It took me over 2 months to receive the parcel 1 out of 2 ordered at the same time on april 22 nd, received july 7!
    Poor quality, pants are to small to short, the pictures showed an outfit that looks SO nice, i ordered it in 2 colors ( big mistake)
    Now they propose a10% refund and maybe give it To a friend or family!
    I had to send at least 6 e mails because i couldn’t track the shipping, another problem from them, they told me so after over 8 weeks of waiting
    It is the worts shopping experience, i have not returned yet The parcel they have to send me a return address, how long will that take?…
    This is a nightmare

  3. Worst shop ever I placed order and checked my bank account and realised it had came out in US dollars instead of the Australian dollars it said on website so I sent an email trying to cancel order 10 minutes after they replied wouldn’t cancel my order they sent it anyway I have been waiting 2 1/2 months I have received two out of the five items I ordered in two different packages still waiting on one package no idea why they sent them all separately worst quality ever look nothing feel nothing like what is in the pictures sizes are all over the place they do not have a phone contact only via email and they take ages to reply and when they do reply it’s an automated email that I have received several of the same ones they do not answer any of your questions and will not refund you expect you to pay return postage when you never wanted it sent in the first place then they offer you 10% off when the quality of the close is going to fall apart after one wash the clothes stink no way would I ever order from them again and I will do everything I can to make sure no one I know does either

  4. I ordered my stuff from curveslove in April I just got first item delivered yesterday 7 of aug, still waiting for 4 more items,the material is not same as pictured,,,,,I’m iffy about they other items I would never order here again…….and now I can’t even find their website that I ordered from

  5. I have just received my order after waiting for weeks to receive them. The patterns were nothing like what was advertised. Very poor quality and even smelled of strong chemicals. I have never had such a terrible experience and all they are offering is 10% off my purchase price.

    It’s shameful.

  6. OMG!!! Terrible!!!!!! I spend over $500 Cnd dollars and I am so upset!!! NOTHING that I ordered came!! I got sent a bunch of Cheap Crap from China. Lied about fabrics…Linen that is Polyester, sizing off 3XX !!! Wanted to offer me a refund of $60!!! So mad!!! Web site is not down.
    Do not order!!!
    Boycott China!!!!!!

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