Medical Return 101 (March 2021) About The Popular Anime

Medical Return 101 2021

Medical Return 101 (March 2021) About The Popular Anime -> Do you want to explore the details of a hit medical anime book series? Check out this post.

Are you a big fan of anime who constantly checks out the latest chapters of popular series? Readers are eager to find out about Medical Return 101. The upcoming chapter of the hit animated series is the talk of the town. 

Anime is extremely popular all over the world in countries like Indonesia and the Philippines. Book series like Medical Return has a huge following among the readers. 

If you want to find out more about this series, then continue reading. 

About anime or webtoons

Over the last few years, anime, manga, or webtoons have gained massive popularity in countries like Indonesia and the Philippines. These book series are available online. The chapters of such animated series are uploaded at regular intervals. 

What is Medical Return 101

It is a chapter of the famous medical manhwa that revolves around a doctor’s character Kim Jihyun. After getting betrayed and losing everything that matters to him, he gets a second chance at life.

The protagonist gets to return to his past and fulfil his dream of being a successful doctor and partner. Currently, the series is ongoing, and chapter 101 is yet to be released. 

The series gives readers an insight into the highly stressful lives of health care professionals. 

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Main characters in Medical Return:

Kim Jihyun – He is the protagonist of the story. After losing everything, he gets a second chance at life and gets to go back to medical school. 

Lee Haemi – She is one of Kim Jihyun’s classmates in medical school  who has developed a liking for him. 

Things to know about Medical Return 101

  • Chapter 101 is not yet released.
  • The storyline revolves around a doctor who receives a second chance to fix all the problems in his life.
  • The series belongs to the genre of the medical manhwa. 

What are readers saying about it? 

The series has garnered the attention of many avid manga readers. They are curiously waiting for chapter 101’s release. Readers are sharing their predictions online and discussing the possible storyline. There is no other info about the chapter available online, as it is not yet released. 


Medical Return 101 is capturing the attention of many fans of the animated series. This series is based on the story of a disgruntled surgeon. People like the storyline and characters of this drama series as it has many hidden motivating elements. 

Fans of the medical anime genre give good reviews to the series. As of now, there is not much info available online about chapter 101 of the book series. 

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