Air Force Grounded in Latvia (Feb) Let’s Know Detail

Air Force Grounded in Latvia 2021

Air Force Grounded in Latvia (Feb) Let’s Know Detail -> Are you searching for the answer to today’s crossword puzzle? Read the article and explore your answer.

Do you also have a keen interest in solving puzzles? If so, then in today’s article, we will share a clue for your crossword puzzle that is Air Force Grounded in Latvia

In the United Kingdom, people love to solve puzzles as it sharpens their minds. Playing crossword puzzles is the best exercise for the brain that we can perform. These puzzles help us to increase the functionality of our brain. 

Moreover, we come across many new words while solving crossword puzzles, which further enhance our vocabulary. Crossword puzzles are cheap and the best way to entertain you.

So, let’s explore the puzzle and try to understand the clue in a better way.

What is Air Force Grounded in Latvia?

The people who solve the puzzles are always eager to know about the clue. The clues shared by the different portals are cryptic. This is why we are all keen to know about the correct word that matches the clue. Various portals have shared their answers to help people to complete the crossword.

Latvia’s national armed force consists of an air force whose main purpose is to protect the state’s territory.

So, guys, the word that matches with the Air Force Grounded in Latvia must relate to Latvia’s air force information.

What is the word that matches with the clue?

Let’s try to know some facts about the word that matches with the clue:

  • It is made with four alphabets.
  • The word is the capital of Latvia
  • It is the largest city in Latvia
  • It is a noun.

After knowing the hints that relates with the clue, do you get your answer? The word is ‘RIGA.’ 


The people of the United Kingdom were looking for the word eagerly. We have tried our best to share the most appropriate answer that matches the clue Air Force Grounded in Latvia. Readers, if you have some other answer that sticks to your mind, then do share it online so that it can help others to solve the crossword. 

Do you also love to spend time in solving crossword puzzle? Please share your views in the comment section. 

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