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Are you fond of fastest delivery method? Do you use USPS services to get your parcel or ordered products? Well, it is the reputation that entices us to procure the services all the time. USPS hold immense goodwill in the market that makes it among the leading delivery service providers. However, are you familiar with USPS Delivery Text Urgent Notification Message Scam?

If yes, then there are chances that you are safe. This scam is extensively running in the United States. It has become a parasite that is yet to be discovered by the company. To find a solution, we have a well-written article for you.

What is USPS Delivery Text Urgent Notification Message Scam?

USPS is the only company that is much targeted by the scammers. The company’s database is stolen to trap you into a con-trick message. The tricksters are also targeting unsigned-up consumers. You can also get text messages to claim your gifts or track your product. 

What is the status of link?

It has been observed that mlm014z or are two links that are affiliated with the text scam. Through the website analysis, the researchers have found multiple numbers that are sending text messages to you. Some of the phone numbers are listed below:

  • 917-834-8168
  • 858-249-9037
  • 858-218-5779
  • 717-350-4876
  • 657-360-4232
  • 503-388-2754
  • 470-505-3095
  • 209-548-1368
  • 209-270-2308

What is reality?

The USPS Delivery Text Urgent Notification Message Scam comprises notice, alert, or notification for your USPS package, delivery, or shipment. After receiving the text message, you will have to visit a website to attempt a second delivery or to claim a gift. 

What to do?

If you get the messages as mentioned earlier on your number, you should know they are coming from scammers and not from any genuine company. To defend yourself, you need to ignore the text phishing message and delete it in real-time. If you want to know about the legitimacy, you can check the official company to confirm whether the messages are real or not. 

What do will scammers get from you?

When you click on the link coming from USPS Delivery Text Urgent Notification Message Scam, you invite tricksters in your life. Once you open the attached page, your information will go directly to the scammers. They may steal your identity or your bank account details. Because the scam origin is still unknown, your phone or system will be filled with malware. 

Customer Feedback:

The USPS Delivery Text Urgent Notification Message Scam is doing rounds for many years. Now, many users know how to delete, report, and ignore them. They are spreading awareness about the scam that is keeping the tricksters at bay.  


Everybody knows about USPS Delivery Text Urgent Notification Message Scam in the United States. Please tell us how you know about the scam and what did you do to prevent it! Our comment box is waiting for your helping hand.

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