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Hey Kangaroo Reviews [Sep] Read This Before You Buy

Hey Kangaroo Reviews

Hey Kangaroo Reviews [Sep] Read This Before You Buy >> This post will let you know about a product that is a combination of doorbell camera and chime, which serves the security purpose.

Hey Kangaroo Reviews: There are ample numbers of changes taking place around us now and then. If you notice the changes in the last two decades, you will realize that there is almost nothing that remains the same. 

One of the significant changes is that people have started spending most of their time outside the home and in their offices. There is hardly any time left for looking after the house. 

If a workaholic is asked by a genie to make a wish, the first thing they would have asked must be an extra pair of eyes through with; they can look after their homes. We believe that the reviews for Hey Kangaroo from the United States will resonate with the above context.

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Introduction to Hey Kangaroo

Are you always worried about what might be going out in your house? Are your children all alone at home, and nobody is there to keep surveillance on them? If yes, then this product might be the one you have been looking for. It can resolve all your worries in a blink of an eye. 

The robbery and other such cases related to theft are increasing at a pace that you can’t even imagine. The robberies are at a peak, especially in the United States. It would be best if you were a little proactive about the safety concerns of your house. Hey Kangaroo Doorbell Camera can help you a lot in this case.

Hey Kangaroo doorbell camera and chime are the security camera doorbells installed with a particular chime, which will ensure your house’s security. It comes with certain fascinating features that will leave you as awestruck. 

But the question that arises is that if this product is worth spending or not? To know that you must be tuned up until the end of the blog, so you’re enabled to have detailed information about the product. We’ll go through the Hey Kangaroo Reviews to conclude our decision. Please read until the last.

Specifications of Hey Kangaroo Doorbell Camera

  • Purpose: The purpose of hey kangaroo doorbell camera + chime is for security and surveillance where it is installed
  • Price of the Product: The price ranges of the work are $19.99
  • Cloud Storage: It has 365 days cloud storage available
  • Activity History: It has a 90 days activity history
  • Smoke and CO alarm Detection: It also has smoke and CO alarm detection available
  • Free Ground Shipping: Free ground shipping is also available
  • GuRoo Support: It provides 24/7 GuRoo support
  • Photo Alerts: Photo alerts are sent to the phone when the doorbell is pressed, or motion is detected
  • AA batteries: The product consists of AA batteries.
  • Battery Life: The product has a one-year battery life with standard usage

Positive Pointers of Hey Kangaro

  • Affordable prices: According to the quality of the product, the prices are very reasonable
  • Positive Customer Reviews: The Hey Kangaroo Reviews are almost all positive.
  • Wifi Based System: It is a wifi-based system
  • No hub required: The product does not require any hub or additional equipment
  • Money-back guarantee: This product has a 30-day money-back guarantee 
  • Easy installation: It has easy installation
  • Warranty: It provides a 1-year warranty

Negative Pointers of Hey Kangaroo

  • Heavy Weighted: It’s a little bit heavy in its weight. The weight of the product is 3.81oz (108g) with batteries.
  • Camera Viewing Angle: The camera viewing angle is 70 degree which will not be able to capture a perfect image
  • No Geofencing Features: These products don’t have geofencing features.

Customer Reviews

The customer Hey Kangaroo Reviews on the website are almost positive. The reviews on the other sites have a mixed review of this product. They pointed out some of its drawbacks. They suggested that they should have a feature which warns you if the door is left open. 

So, if we conclude the customer reviews of Hey Kangaroo Doorbell Camera then it is something worth it of the price provided by the product.


After going through an unbiased review of the product in these Hey Kangaroo Reviews, we can conclude that this is one of the products that it is worth investing your money. It can be a good option for your well-furnished house. But, still we recommend a research on your own to ensure perfect satisfaction regarding the authenticity of the product.

What are your views regarding this? Please let us know in the comment section.


  1. It would be far more helpful if your “Review” listed and showed the reviews (positive, mixed and negative) and if necessary, then make commentary as to whether any issues in a comment had been addressed or if that was not possible with reason. As is, while helpful in outlining some of the features of this chime set-up, the text in this “Review” is far more like an advertisement than a balanced review. Hope this helps as I am going to purchase one anyways. Christin

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