Lacy Bra Reviews [Dec] How Is It Legit Or Scam?

Lacy Bra Reviews 2020

Lacy Bra Reviews [Dec] How Is It Legit Or Scam? -> In this post, we have given a product review of a particular bra that has been into this industry for more than five years.

Are you looking for a perfect size bra that defines your body shape and provides you utmost comfort? Then you can think of buying an unlined crochet lace bra. The motive of writing this article is to make you aware of Lacy Bra Reviews

Currently, if you are living in the United States, then you quickly order this product and enjoy its doorstep delivery. Maybe in future, the company will expand its service in other countries as well.  

To acquire more information on Lacy Bra Reviews, we would like you to read this article, as through this write-up, you will get to receive lots of information about the product. 

What is Lacy bra?

Lacy bra is a super comfortable lace fabric bra that has adjustable straps. You can even buy them in three colours like matte rose, navy and white. Also, the bra comes in almost all sizes like 32A – DDD, 34A-DDD, 36A-DDD, 38B-DD. The fabric of the product is 90% nylon and 10% spandex. Along with that, the lining of the bra has 77% nylon and 23% spandex. 

To place the order of bras, you need to log on the official link of the website named, select the product, size and colour and proceed for its payment. 


  • The product comes up the adjustable strap that eventually makes the fix easy.
  • The product has supportive underwire that provides additional support. 
  • The soft scalloped edges enhance the feminine detail. 
  • You will get to see the back j-hook at the backside of the bra. 

Positive Aspects

  • The bra is specially designed to give you refresh, restart and reboot. 
  • The bra comes in three colours like a navy, white and matte rose. 
  • You can buy the lacy bra in almost all sizes. 
  • You can buy two bras for $60 and 3 bras for $80. 
  • You can enjoy free shipping for more than $40. 
  • You do not have to pay charges as return charges. 
  • You can look for more updates regarding the product on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.
  • The product has been present in the market for almost five years. 
  • You can also pay for the product on an instalment basis. 

Negative Aspects

You can only buy the product in three colours. 

Most of the sizes of the product are listed as stock out. So, the probability is high that you may not get the product of your size. 

Do you think it is an excellent option to buy a lacy bra?

The product has created an excellent brand value among customers over the past few years. Also, its presence on various social media pages shows it is quite famous among people. Also, customers can enjoy massive discounts if they pay for the product in bulk. As per all the information, we accumulated so far, we think, there is no harm in buying the product. 

Describe here all the customer reviews For Lacy Bra that you have received so far?

You will going to see a lot of positive reviews regarding the product on the internet. That clearly shows that there are a lot of people who are liking the product. Though there are negative Lacy Bra Reviews regarding the size and fitting of the bra, its number is very few. 

So, if you are residing in the United States and think that this bra will perfectly go with your outfit and fits you well, then you can proceed for its shopping as has an outstanding amount of experience in this segment. So along with the product, it seems that the website is also genuine. So, the chances reduce to almost nil, that any kind of scam will happen to you. 

Final Verdict

You will get the option to buy lacy bras in various sizes and that too in multiple colours like matte rose, white and navy. Also, you will get to enjoy great discount offers if you place bulk orders and free shipping for the order value more than $40. There are a few companies that provide payment installation options that won’t create a burden on your pocket altogether. 

If you have also bought this product, then we would like to know your LacyBra Reviews, as it will help to understand the company better. You can mention your reviews and comments in the box mentioned below. 

9 thoughts on “Lacy Bra Reviews [Dec] How Is It Legit Or Scam?

  1. I went on the website picked out two bras and used my bank debit card to purchase for purchase, I saw that the purchase was taken out of my account, but by the next morning no confirmation number I went back into my bank to see what happened!!! They totally wiped the purchase off my account
    2 days later I kept getting calls from all over the European Countries, one man said I’m taking the $300 dollars from your account you agreed upon
    I immediately called my bank branch the fraud division blocked that card and this has been my experience with the SCAMERS called Lacey Brad

  2. Terrible bra. Looks cheap and is cheap. Seams on straps and not finished and are too wide. The back is smooth which is only good feature. Front of the bra is not supportive and does not fit well. I guess if you are a A cup it might fit better. The bra is not worth the 49.95 that I paid for it. Also customer service is a nightmare. I called 4 times and every time the phone ran for a long time only to go to busy signal. The only way to get in touch with customer service is thru their website. I did not receive by bra for well over a month. There also is no way to leave a review on their website, so all the positive reviews are probably a fraud. I would not buy this bra again.

  3. Catherine, you could have written my review. Only positive feature is smooth back. The bra is unfinished. Edges are cut and unhemmed. Absolutely no support. Run as fast as you can away from this site unless you want to throw your money away!

  4. This is the most bull$#!+ Report! I have NOT seen a single good review. In fact all reviews are 1, or less than 1star! People actually say there needs to be less than one star!?!? This is written by the product owner. In read terrible reviews with truth of flimsy, poor quality fabric and zero support after one wear. All responses.arevthe same. BS. How can you pretend this is good and steal ppls $$!? I’m reporting false advertising.

  5. I bought this bra in black and nude. This bra couldn’t fiit anybody. Absolutely no support, straps too short and non-adjustable. When trying to return all you can do is chat and they have stock answers for everything. I was able to return one and not the other????? I just threw it in trash. This is a scam. If you read reviews on their web site they are all glowing reviews. I wish I had read real reviews before ordering. This is criminal. Do Not Buy!!!!

  6. These advertisements are false I purchase 4 bra’s at $180.00 Canadian and received only 2 so far. I ordered in Nomvember and it is now middle of February.
    there is no support in this bra whatsoever so it is useless to any woman wearing a bigger size. It is impossib;e to ship back because if you even try it on it is deemed
    to be worn. I wish I had looked for reviews before purchase. No one who has sent the bra’s back has received a refund. This tells me that the Company is Fly by
    Night and only cares about getting your money and to hell with customer satsfaction and service. This venture was an expensive disappointment. Lesson Learned

  7. bra did not fit wanted to return. all e-mails are wiped clean. Called number no answer from a person. bra is awful does not fit beware may be fraud. Lesson learned.

  8. Don’t waste your money. Made very cheap and if you need to return them your pay for the return and good luck getting a refund.
    Not worth it.

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