Comiceria Virtual .com {August} Find Out More Here

Comiceria Virtual .com

Comiceria Virtual .com {August} Find Out More Here -> Now getting the permits, safe-conduct, and certificates is accessible from the virtual police station.

Do you need to get your permit renewed for a safe stay in a country? Comiceria is a virtual police station in Chile. It will help you with many services that are handled by the government. The virtual station is popular among citizens for different reasons. 

Overall, it is helping the government and the citizens of chile during the COVID-19 pandemic conditions. To read more, review the below sections. 

What is Comiceria

Virtual Police Station- Comiceria is a service of data collection and permit governed by Chile’s health ministry. Other companies can also access the safe-conduction data and convicts that are on parole with a license. You can sign up on the website in just seconds to get safe-conduct and permits. 

Many permits are temporary to let you do essential activities and store stocks. The licenses also help you stay in the Quarantine facility until you recover, if you are affected with COVID-19 virus. 

What are the services of Comiceria

Comiceria offers many services that are accessible with simple clicks. You only need to submit the signup form with your details. Besides, your information is saved with the database of Chile’s Health Ministry. Below points will clear your doubts:

  • Certificates
  • Displacement Permits
  • Safe-Conduct
  • Unique Collective Permits

What do you get in Individual Temporary Permits?

Comiceria gives temporary permits for the following activities within the state:

  • Basic supply purchase
  • Direct family funeral attendance
  • Food delivery in a penitentiary precinct and to senior citizens
  • Minor or adolescent removal to foster home
  • Patient transfer to different health facilities
  • Payment of procedures and services
  • Pet walk
  • School admission, school texts, food withdrawal, and technological application process
  • Summon appearance under the Law
  • Support for health establishments
  • The departure of individuals with mental disabilities or autism spectrum

What about Self-Conduct?

Similar to individual temporary permit, you get the following permissions under Self-Conduct:

  • Immediate family funeral procedures
  • Medical treatments
  • Moving

What are the certificates? How will they help?

Comiceria also gives certificates to the registered users for the following points:

  • Accident firefighters’ certificate
  • Alimony 
  • Claim tracking
  • Claims on police actions
  • Definitive permanence loss certificate
  • Labor purposes
  • Leaving home
  • Loss of documents
  • Loss of smartphones
  • Visiting schedule

Customer feedback:

As per the recent research, it is confirmed that there are several loopholes in Comiceria It fails to maintain the interoperability of public services. Over 2500 people are permitted to leave chile while being affected by the COVID-19 virus. With this shortcoming, the virtual police station failed to maintain mobility restrictions. Besides, it also did not verify the details of some applicants. 

The Health Ministry and Internal Revenue Service of Chile have asked comiceria to overcome these shortcomings for a better future.

Final Words:

Comiceria is a revolutionary step to collect data of affected patients in the COVID-19 crisis. After reading the above sectors, please let us know what do you think in the comment section.

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