Kandylane.com Reviews [Jan] Is It Online Scam Or Not?

Kandylane.com Reviews 2020

Kandylane.com Reviews [Jan] Is It Online Scam Or Not? -> Have a look over the content to know about the reviews of the site selling a wide range of trendy footwear of women.

Do you like to have a collection of shoes? If this is the case, then let us explore Kandylane.com.

In today’s content, we are going to explore Kandylane.com reviews as it will help us to decide the legitimacy of the site. As many of you are curious to know about the site, so let’s have a look over it.

There are many sites available that sell shoes, sneakers and varied range of footwear, so we often get confused in choosing the website for purchasing. All we want the best site, which provides us with great deals and offers and provide the facility of delivery on time.

Across the United States, women love to wear hot boots and trendy footwear. So, to help them out, we thought of sharing the information about the kandylane.com. Moreover, we will also explore kandylane.com reviews that have been shared by the people online.

So, carry on your reading to get information about the site.

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What is kandylane.com?

It is an online website that sells a varied range of footwear for women. This online store also has a collection of sweaters. The site has hot boots for women that are fashionable and trendy. The site also provides discount offers these days.

The site has shared the shipping policy with the customers. It has also shared the information about its return and refund policy.

To know more about the site, let’s have a look over its specifications.

Specifications of kandylane.com

  • Type of website – an online store is selling a wide range of shoes.
  • Payment options – PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, American Express
  • Delivery time – 15-25 business days
  • Return – Within seven days
  • Refund – available
  • Company’s email address – help@kandylane.com
  • Company’s contact number – not available
  • Company’s address – not available
  • Order cancellation – available

Pros of using kandylane.com

  • The website has a good collection of boots.
  • The site offers the refund policy to the buyers.
  • The site offers discounts to buyers.

Cons of using kandylane.com

  • Kandylane.com reviews are not available.
  • The website is new.
  • The site has not shared pertinent contact details with the customers.

Is kandylane.com legit?

Before commenting on the legitimacy of the site, we searched this website online. During the research, we came to know that the website is new; it was registered on 21 October 2020. The website shares the accurate information about the products available with them. The site has also shared the information about its shipping policy, return and refund policy and order cancellation.

Additionally, the site has already answered the common queries that all of us have while purchasing online. This is done to provide ease to the buyers. The site also offers discounts to the buyers.

The website is active on social media too. It has its instagram page with more than 1000 followers which mean that people love the products of the site. Since the website is new, so kandylane.com reviews are not available. 

Moreover, the site has not shared the correct contact details with the customers. One can connect to them via mail only.

Based on all the facts, we can say that the website is new to be judged and for now we cannot comment on its legitimacy.

What are people saying about the kandylane.com?

The website was registered on 21 October 2020. Due to this reason, no customer reviews are available. So, we searched this website online and found that the website has its instagram page in which it has shared the posts of the footwear available with them. It also has excellent number of followers, which means that the people like the foot wears.

As no reviews are available so we cannot generate any opinion about the site.


The site is new. It has shared information about the products very well. It has shared all the necessary information about its services. But correct contact details are not available on the site.

The website is active on social media. But the kandlylane.com reviews are not available yet. Due to this reason, we are unable to comment on the trustworthiness of the site.

So, I suggest all the readers that they should wait for some time to wait for purchase from this site so that it can get some reviews which will judge its legitimacy.

12 thoughts on “Kandylane.com Reviews [Jan] Is It Online Scam Or Not?

  1. I already ordered from them before I knew they where just opening up however I paid with PayPal and it shows purchased in that was on the 18th of November I’m still waiting for them I hope all goes the way it should and I receive them this coming week thank you and hope all goes well with your company…..

  2. I ordered from them last week… still waiting for a shipping confirmation & or my packages to arrive … fingers crossed everything goes all right.. would hate to have to go thru the process with the bank to get my money back!!

  3. I ordered two pairs on November 17, and I still haven’t received a confirmation but they got my money! WAITING

  4. I ordered from them on Nov. 17,2020 and today is 11/4/2020 and still no package or tracking info. I ordered through PayPal so I’m hoping I can get my money back.

  5. I ordered November 19 and still haven’t received my merchandise all I have is my order number when I received a reply from my email asking what was going on with my order they did not give me a tracking number but they said it was being sent I don’t understand how is it being sent without a tracking number still waiting for a reply and my merchandise they have no one to call and only replied once through email

  6. I ordered November 16th and still no package., no tracking info. Every time I email To ask about my order I get the same suspicious email that does not answer the different questions I ask Per email. I am reporting the site this week and notifying my bank of a fraudulent charge.

  7. I made my order ever since November 28th, 2020 have mailed them about my order and made payment and I still have yet to hear from them. ??‍♀️??‍♀️

  8. I ordered in November and I received my shoes today. I absolutely love them the wait was long but I am happy with my purchase.

  9. I ordered some merchandise from them as well on December 27th 2020 I have gotten a tracking number and a order number I had contacted them and they had contacted me back by email saying that it was still on its way and I still have not received my merchandise yet but they got my money I paid through PayPal but I have not gotten my merchandise either give me my money back or give me the merchandise

  10. same here. I ordered in December. Its March. I still have not received anything except a UPS tracking number that says its been delivered – no estimated delivery date, nothing.

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