Reviews [Nov 2020] Is it a Scam or Legit? reviews 2020 Reviews [Nov 2020] Is it a Scam or Legit? -> Hey! If you are looking for online electronics accessories and gaming toys, please have a look here!

As we all know, the world is going through a covid19 pandemic, and normalcy are yet not seen anywhere in the world though it has been a year. But we are said to do the work along this covid19 taking all the safety measures, which should be our new regular. 

Christmas seasons are arriving, and we also see too many birthdays in these seasons. And people are looking for online websites that offers them good quality gaming toys and electronics cars for the kids. So, we are here to provide you all the details, reviews, and feedback about one of the webshops, i.e. reviews, the United States-based company.

Due to covid19, people don’t feel safe going out of their homes for marketing, so people prefer online shopping. Many websites offer products online, but we cannot trust all of them as many sites have proven scam to the customers. So the customers must look at the reviews of websites first and then go for it if it’s trustworthy.

So you do’ need to worry we are here to provide you all the information about reviews! 

Continue reading this if you are interested in knowing about reviews, as we are providing all the information about the site below!

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What is is an e-commerce website which offers you electronic accessories like gaming toys, controllers, adapters and power banks etc. It’s an online shopping site from where you can purchase these accessories online. But first, you need to go to the depth of this website to find out if it’s legit or a scam.

This site’s domain has been created just four days past that is on the 13th of November, 2020. Also, the home page of the website displays attractive gaming items to win the customers. All the policies and privacy related to the product and website have been described well therein.

For more detail about the site, please be 

with us!

Specifications of

  • Website type – online shopping site offering electronic accessories and gaming toys.
  • Shipping policy- Free shipping worldwide over $50
  • Payment mode- PayPal, VISA, stripe, MasterCard, cash on delivery.
  • Cancelation policy- items can be canceled before it’s dispatched.
  • Refund policy- refunded within five working days.
  • Returns and exchange- only if items delivered are faulty.
  • company email address-
  • Company’s address- 1320 Huntington Lane Woodbridge, Virginia, US 
  • Company’s phone number- (023) 214-1366

Pros of

  • Offers you attractive gaming toys
  • Free shipping worldwide 
  • Gives you massive discounts 

Cons of

  • is too new in the e-commerce platform 
  • Socially inactive on Instagram and Facebook 
  • reviews by customers haven’t been found yet.

Is legit?

After researching the website, we found out that is very new. The domain of reviews been created on the 13th of November, 2020, which means its four-day-old website. 

So we cannot say anything about the legitimacy of this website as the website is too young to be commented about its legitimacy.

Also, the website reviews is socially unavailable on Instagram and Facebook, lacking reviews of people, so we are not sure about this website’s legitimacy. We request the readers to wait for some time as the website needs customer reviews and feedback.

What are people saying about is four days old website, which seems to be a very new website. The website needs some more time to win the customer’s trust and make themselves popular among people; it still needs a few months to be judged about its legitimacy.

We cannot find any reviews on Google as well as socially. The website is lacking reviews of customers. Readers need not panic if they cannot find any reviews because the website is very new. It hasn’t been a week since arriving on the e-commerce platform. 

So let’s wait for some customer’s reviews about the website and its products.


After a lot of research, we found out that is four days old site and is still lacking customers reviews. Although the web shop very well described all the policies and rules regarding the shipping, payment, returns, and exchange like all the simple websites, we are suspicious about the site due to the newness.

We request the readers to wait for some time as customers will surely give reviews about this site after a week or two.

Is legit? Because the website is too young and still waiting for customer reviews, we cannot say anything about its legitimacy. Instead, we can wait for some days for reviews to be updated by customers about reviews.

0 thoughts on “ Reviews [Nov 2020] Is it a Scam or Legit?

  1. I believe this website is a fraud. The email address that is given does not exist and the address provided is not the warehouse like they say. I would not recommend buying from this website. I purchased a Nintendo switch and I did not receive an email from the website like they claim and I have not been able to get into contact with them. 10/10 would not recommend.

  2. I ordered from them yesterday . Never got an email confirmation . Their phone number is a non working number and their address is a vacant house up for rent in Virginia. I have reported it to PayPal and hope I can get my money back …..the site is a scam . Please beware

  3. Scammers. Not legitamit. These Scammers want you to pay through PayPal so that it can’t be tracked. Thought I was buying a Nintendo switch. Have to try and get my money back through PayPal.

  4. IT’S A SCAM!! I ordered a Nintendo Switch for my kid for Christmas on 11/15/20. No order confirmation email received so I became suspicious. I called the number on their website, out of service. The email on their site isn’t active. Fortunately I paid via PayPal. I filed a fraud report on 11/19/20 and they said they’d contact the vendor ( and if there was no reply, the case would be awarded in my favor. Well, less than 24 hrs after filling my claim, PayPal has refunded my money! Do not order from this company!

  5. I also placed an order. It went to the payment method and I used my paypal information. I got a confirmation that my payment went thru but then noticed that there was a drop down showing free 2 day shipping but it was marked PA which I do not live in PA. I tried to change it and it never went thru.I I was never asked for my shipping information and never received any confirmation that the order went thru. I looked on Paypal and my payment went to an outlook email so I sent an email to that address asking if my order went thru. That was on the 20th. I did not hear anything back so I went to the website again to get the contact information of the company. I sent an email to the address on the site and it came back undeliverable with a domain error. I then tried to call the phone number on the site and was told that the phone number was not in service. I have been trying to cancel the payment with Paypal since I do not believe the order was ever taken and they have my money. Have not been able to resolve as of yet. I also believe that this very well may be a scam site. Hopefully paypal will give my money back. I may have to try to dispute with my credit card company.

    1. Watch your account again because same thing happened to me and they were able to just take the money out of my account again had to contact PayPal to dispute the second time today

  6. i also ordered a switch. i got a confirmation email but i have not yet received the game and it’s been since the 14th. i’m giving it till the first the. i’m going to get my money back thru paypal. has anyone heard anything yet? has anyone gotten their stuff yet

  7. I ordered on Nov 19th. I contacted PayPal and told them the number was disconnected and the address for the website goes back to a residential address. I asked PayPal to cancel my order because I had no way of contacting the company. About a week later PayPal refunded my money. I then received a tracking number. It arrived today 12/11/20 and it was a tiny package that contained a iPhone 11 clear case inside. I’m glad PayPal refunded my money. Definitely 100% a scam.

    1. Watch your account again same thing happened to me and I was on PayPal just now and seen they took the amount out again, I also received a iphone clear cheap case as well which I had ordered a charging station from eBay and I thought they sent that case separately as a gift from ordering the charging station. I contacted PayPal again today and am sending in pictures of the case as well as the screen shots I’ve found online like yours to PayPal! This is awful and these people have to be stopped!

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