Jelli m1 Mask Review (March) Is This Product Legit?

Jelli m1 Mask Review 2021

Jelli m1 Mask Review (March) Is This Product Legit? >> A face mask is designated to show wearers’ facial expressions. However, is it money worth the product? Read the article.   

We all are getting accustomed to the ‘New Normal’ lifestyle- it is the present world we live in now. However, when you wear a mask, your face gets completely hidden, and no facial expression is seen.

If you are looking for a transparent and reusable mask, then Jelli m1 Mask Review will let you know about an innovative creation that gives both protection and fashion.

The product has already been recognized in the United States and Canada; let’s check the overview of Jelli M1, reviews and features, and much more.

What is Jelli M1?

Jelli M1 is a transparent facial mask with three vents on both sides and bottom for easy breathing. It ensures people who wear it can breathe non-polluted air with no allergens. 

Additionally, due to its transparency, people find it easier to communicate with others wearing the mask; it keeps facial expression visible.

i reveals it has a unibody design with an adjustable head strap that provides comfort to every wearer as they can adjust the back strap accordingly. The side vents have a strong filter that prevents 95% BFE (3 Microns) and 99.7% air pollution.

Plus, if you will purchase an excellent reusable mask, it costs expensive, whereas buying a surgical mask is cheap, but you cannot wear it more than one time. The Jelli M1 face mask has been manufactured with a disposable filter and allows people to wear it daily. Furthermore, it has an anti-fog coating and soft silicon material for all-day comfortable wearing. 

How to clean this mask?

It is reusable, possessing an easy cleaning replaceable filter. It can be clean with-

  • Normal Water.
  • Wipes.
  • Medicinal Alcohol as per the Jelli m1 Mask Review.


  • The product Arrival date is missing.
  • Colour options: Arctic White, Midnight Black, Cherry Pink.
  • It is customizable.
  • The price on the brand site is 40$ for one mask.
  • It gives high filtration.

What are the Pros of Jelli M1?

  • Protect against 99.7% of pollutants.
  • It has a CNAS certification.
  • It is transparent for showing mask users’ facial expression clearly.
  • It has high graded silicone material.
  • The back band is adjustable and customizable.
  • For comfortable breathing, it good has ventilation.
  • It is reusable and possesses an anti-fog coating.
  • Unibody design that fits properly on adults.

What are the cons of Jelli M1?

  • The product has mixed consumers’ opinions.
  • The site’s trust index is not good.

Is Jelli M1 Legit?

Jelli m1 Mask Review states that, to determine whether the product and the selling site are worthy or not, we need to review a few aspects. Let’s start checking-

  • Product availability Date: it is not mentioned on the brand site.
  • Domain Age: The domain was created on 13th July 2020.
  • Address Details: Address is not provided.
  • Any Missing Information: Contact number, company address is missing.
  • Copied Content: Yes, the content is copied by more than 80%.
  • Trust Index: It is 33%. 
  • Duplicate Site: Nothing like the same has been found.
  • Reviews: It has testimonials on the site.
  • Social Media Channels: It has a Facebook media page.

Hence, we cannot thumbs up for this product and site; however, the final decision is up to you.

What is Customer’s Jelli m1 Mask Review?

The product yet not earned reviews on the manufacturer site, but it has few testimonials, which shows users are pleased wearing the masks; however, we cannot rely on these testimonials because sometimes those are paid or fake comments.

We found a few unboxing videos and articles on the external site, plus it is being sold on Shopee web retail site, where it has got 4.6 ratings.

There, one person commented quality was not bad comparing the price. Another one said it did not feel too loose or tight; the fitting is accurate.

A user mentioned in the Jelli m1 Mask Review section, the silicon part was not soft, had struggled with fitting, particularly in the nose part.

The Final Verdict:

The mask is CNAS certified with a strong filtration feature for providing the best protection, plus it can be worn several times with proper cleaning and a disposable filter. However, it has got mixed customer remarks and has not gained popularity in the United Kingdom.

The seller site is also not yet widely known; as it has been on the e-commerce market for almost eight months, the trust score is still not pleasing.

If you want to purchase, check re-verify every feature and Jelli m1 Mask Review and then decide.

Which type of masks do you prefer to wear? Let us know by commenting below.

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