Infinity Insurance Company Data Breach (April) Read Here

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Infinity Insurance Company Data Breach (April) Read Here >> Please read this article, the news mentions the ways by which hackers are sending letters and emails to people citing breaches of data. 

Have you received a letter mentioning the data breach of Infinity Insurance? If yes, this news allows you to get a complete idea about how scammer are befooling people by sending Infinity Insurance Company Data Breach letters.

The United States residents are receiving letters that denote that Infinity Insurance Company breached consumer data. Read this news till the end to get more details about these letters for the data breach. 

Knowing Infinity Insurance

Infinity Insurance Company is a reliable name among the top insurance service providers all over the world. 

The company offers extended ranges of insurance policies for vehicles, property, and business. The company ensures adequate protection to your belongings and properties at an affordable premium amount.

Data breach policy of Infinity Insurance Company

Many are hardly aware of the hacking of data while they are working on the internet. Scammers are always innovative, and they keep people sending letters for Infinity Insurance Company Data Breach

Ordinarily, small business owners think that their data are safe due to low turnover. Hence, small businesses hardly use proper precautionary measures to stay safe from hackers. As a result, small businesses are likely to get hacked. 

Infinity Insurance Company offers coverage for cyber liability and data breaches to protect the business. This coverage will keep the customers safe from property theft, identity theft, and hacking of financial information. This policy also covers legal fees and any settlement feed in court. 

What is the new scam of a data breach?

Presently, many customers and non-customers of this Insurance company complain of receiving Infinity Insurance Company Data Breach emails and lettersThese letters mention that the insurance company has breached consumer data.

The scammer are trying to befool innocent consumers in innovative ways. They send letters or emails to the residents to let them know that their personal information can get leaked at any time. Hackers send these emails and letters to the customers of the insurance company and also to the non-customers. 

However, the company does not confirm such notices of breach of data. Customers should avoid these letters and need to complain to the Infinity Insurance Company directly. 

The reaction of people on Infinity Insurance Company Data Breach

We have searched some discussion forums where the letter receivers are sharing their views about these mails. 

Some have mentioned that they are not customers of the insurance company but still have received emails saying data breach.  

Many have mentioned something fishy about these letters. They have also found that the phone numbers cited for the Experian do not show details. 

Hence it is the best choice to inform the company directly about such suspicious letters and emails.


Undoubtedly, among the top Insurance companies in the US, Infinity Insurance Company is the most reliable. However, at present, the citizens are receiving suspicious emails and letters mentioning breaches of data. 

Have you received letters for Infinity Insurance Company Data BreachDo you want to know more about these emails? Please share your outlook in the box mentioned below.

2 thoughts on “Infinity Insurance Company Data Breach (April) Read Here

  1. March 29, 2021

    I received a letter today regarding a data breach on your company. I am a non-customer and understand
    there is not data breach.

  2. I received a letter a few days ago. Looked legitimate, but when went on their website and they wanted my social and birthdate, I got suspicious. That’s when I stopped and searched for a scam.

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