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Is Legit

Is Legit {August} – Get a Fair Review Here -> We have a detailed report available for analyzing a newly set-up website that sells household products.

Have you been looking for new online shopping sites lately? A website was launched recently, which sells different kinds of products that we use in our household.

It is a very young website, and you should analyze it, Is Legit or not before buying anything from this new domain. The buyers must know everything about a newly set-up webshop to safeguard yourself and your money.

We will provide you with all the aspects of this new e-shop that sells household products so that you, as a user, can judge the site accurately. The website that is from the United States needs to be a legitimate site for people to shop for the various products available on it. Hence, we will accurately analyze the new website and give you all the required details.

Is Legit?

The website got launched only six days back and is exceptionally new. The website has nil traffic, and that shows how unrecognized the website is on the internet. To get Reviews, we studied the website more effectively and found some information. The owner has hidden his identity, and the website is linked to a country listed in the high-risk nation’s list.

The website also has no presence on social media platforms, which are quite popular and usually famous websites are linked. This new site has placed fake icons of these social media platforms to show its right image. That creates suspicion in the user’s mind, and he can claim the website to be a scam. People wonder, Is Legit or not? And the answer lies in the below information, revealed further in this post.

Know About the

This website is a new webshop that sells household products like those used for home décor and some personal use items. They have several products in a variety of ranges, and the prices are discounted on many things. The shipping fee is around $9.99 for all locations, including the United StatesThe delivery time is different for different areas and ranges from 10 to 17 business days.

The return policy is not available on the website, and the mode of payment is PayPal. The contact address and phone number are also unavailable. Only one email address is available for making contact.

Specifications of

  • Website type – An online shopping site for household items
  • Website Country – United States
  • Shipping fee – $9.99
  • Returns – Not available
  • Address – Not available
  • Telephone – Not available
  • Email support –
  • Payment mode – PayPal
  • Social media – No presence is detected

Useful Points of Buying from

  • The website has an excellent range of products available.
  • Email support is available.

Worthless Points of Buying from

  • The website is newly established (just six days back)
  • The shipping fee is charged even in the United States.
  • There are no returns available.
  • No contact details are available for identifying the owners.
  • Only one mode of payment is available.

Customer Reviews for

The website that sells household items is so new that it hardly has any customers. We researched for Reviews and found nil feedback. There are no reviews available for this new website. You can give it a chance to prove itself in the market, but the absence of any customer makes it a doubtful site.

There is no presence of reviews on popular platforms and reviewing sites, which shows how much the website is unknown. The customers usually provide instant feedback for a new webshop in the internet market, but it is absent. It may be due to the newness of the e-shop, and we can give it the benefit of the doubt. But certain aspects create a doubt, Is Legit? That can be judged now accurately.

The Final Verdict

The website aspects make it an untrustworthy website and make it difficult to call it a legit site. There is hidden information about the owner, and it has links with high-risk nations too. These all negative aspects make it a potential threat for the buyers, and they avoid such sites. The absence of returns policy and contact addresses give a wrong impression on the customer’s mind, and they doubt such websites.

Looking at the pros and cons, we suggest the readers be careful about using this new website that sells household items. That will secure your crucial information and safeguard your money.

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