Aponia Mask Reviews {August} Is Legit or Another Scam?

Aponia Mask Reviews

Aponia Mask Reviews {August} Is Legit or Another Scam? -> Our readers will get to know reviews of a website which offers masks as well as many life enhancements accessories in our article.

For how many times have you bought masks online? Now check out all-new masks from Aponia Shop.

During these pandemic situations of the year 2020, lots of new enterprises have surfaced online as well as offline merchandising many items which are necessary to fight back pandemic. Indeed the outbreak of disease gave a platform of business opportunity in the hard times.

Currently, this website is getting more popular in the United States. We read many Aponia Mask Reviews from there.

Apart from the good use of this opportunity, there are also many fake companies who have initiated scam websites; that deliver you wrong products or no products at all after receiving successful payments from people all around the globe. They run this scam in the name of a significant brand or their self-proclaimed brand.

But, Is Aponia Mask Legit? There are many factors and reasons which can tell us more about it.

What is Aponia Mask?

Aponia is a new website that offers health care and domestic accessories. There is a wide variety of products available on the website, in many vibrant colors and specifications. Some of the right listed products on this website are drill machines, gaming controllers, clothes, and masks.

In our Aponia Mask Review, we will tell you further about the masks offered on Aponia Shop. They offer a combo of 50 surgical masks & instant thermometer, KN 95 masks with PM 2.5 anti-fog properties, bicycle sports cycling cap, and thermal windproof balaclava.

All listed items are the ones needed in our day to day routine life as well as life enhancement accessories.

Specifications of Aponia Mask

  • Type- heath care and domestic accessories.
  • Shipping period- not mentioned
  • Time for delivery- 4 days to 20 days
  • Exchange policy- not mentioned
  • Return facility – 30 days from receipt of your order
  • Shipping charge on orders- varies as per orders
  • The contact number of the company- 212 619 93 41 51
  • Specified address of the company- not given
  • The email address of the company- not stated on the website
  • Mode of payment offered- Pay via PayPal or Credit card

Pros of Aponia Mask

  • There is a wide variety of live enhancement accessories available on the website
  • Your orders can be returned within 30 days of receipt of orders.
  • You can pay by credit card if you are running low on your finances.
  • Combo offers are available on many listed products.
  • Some masks match with KN95 standards.
  • There are also balaclava styled masks listed on the website, which are used in motorcycle helmets and cyclists.

Cons of Aponia Mask

  • The quality of the mask is quite uncertain, as there are no detailed description of the making material.
  • The prices of the listed products are quite higher than those listed on significant eCommerce websites.
  • The company address is not mentioned on the website.
  • One cannot make payments via debit card or direct bank transfers.
  • The contact number specified on the website, states to be just WhatsApp contact, so no contact number available for telephonic conversations. 
  • Returns are guaranteed only until 30 days, what about products which are quite expensive and malfunctions after 30 days? It can turn in to a significant investment loss.

Is Aponia Mask Legit?

Is Aponia Mask Legit? Aponia Shop is a website that is new in the market as well as it has a low social media presence. The domain name of this website is registered on May 5, 2020. And the SSL certificate of this website is valid until September 18, 2020.

The company address is missing for the website, and many statements on the website do not sound buyer friendly. 

What are customers saying about Aponia Mask?

There are no customer reviews available on the website. There were no reviews at all on all the listed products on this website. And no star ratings are present either on the listed products. Maybe because this website is so new that people do not have any experience to share for any products listed on the site.

Final Verdict

The website states that it is owned by FOO KIN Company; when clicked on that; it shows that the site is not available. Many contact information is not available, and adequate standardization certificates are not displayed on the listed products.

Compiling all our findings from the research data, we conclude that Aponia Mask is not Legit. If any of our readers have any more information, please feel glad to let us know about it.

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