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Is the Lebanese Red Cross Legit {August} Review It

Is the Lebanese Red Cross Legit

Is the Lebanese Red Cross Legit {August} Review It -> Here, we will discuss a nonprofit organization working towards the people across Lebanon and other countries across the world.

Are you one of those who are facing racial, social, sexual or religious issues? Nothing is worse than facing these issues on your homeland, by your people. It is an unfortunate condition, which may never control as it largely depends on several other factors, including politics. Is the Lebanese Red Cross Legit? It is a question everybody asks when they reach out to this institution. No matter whether you stay in Lebanon or United-States, it is for everyone. 

Several other establishments are delivering similar things to the society but not each of them does it the way Red Cross does. If you think that is Lebanese Red Cross scam, then you are entirely wrong. 

What is the Lebanese Red Cross?

Lebanese Red Cross was established in 1945, and 1946; it was recognized by the state as a national nonprofit organization. To promote peace, alleviate human sufferings with neutrality without any racial, social, religious or sexual discrimination. It joined the International Red Cross Movement in 1947, which is affiliated with 191 countries across the world

Fundamental Principles of the Lebanese Red Cross:

The society works with the principle of Humanity, Impartiality, Neutrality, Independence, Voluntary service, Unity along with the Universality. Moreover, it ensures services to people via its centres:

  • 32 branches across the country.
  • 36 Medical and Social Centers
  • With 46 EMS Centers, with 2 temporary ones and 4 dispatch rooms, it solves the issues of society
  • 31 Youth Clubs allows them to reach a maximum of people
  • With 8 mobile clinics, it helps the people in remote areas
  • 13 blood transfusion centres to solve blood problems
  • It has 1 faculty and 3 Nursing institutes
  • 1 Orthopaedic workshop
  • It has 14 disaster Management teams which are handled by 1 Central administration
  • 1 national training centre.

 Services it offers:

  • Emergency Medical Services: It offers emergency medical service to people during the event of any mishap. Works as a support system for the government to overcome the problem soon.
  • Medical Services: They make sure everybody gets the right medical treatment when someone is not able to get it due to lack of finances.
  • Blood Services: No matter what type of blood you require for your loved one, they offer complete blood transfusion and services.
  • Education and Training: It allows you an opportunity to get trained for servicing medical treatment through training centres.
  • Youth: To the youth, it has 31 youth clubs across the country, which allows youth to go in the right direction.
  • Disaster Management: It is one of those services, which helps needy during any disaster such as flood, drought, and any natural or unnatural disasters.

Final Words

Considering the latest explosion in the Capital city of Beirut, Lebanese Red is playing a cruel role in helping people. Reportedly, the eruption has killed over 135 people and more than 5000 people are wounded. Is the Lebanese Red Cross Scam? It is a wrong question to ask. Do let us know if you have anything to share.

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