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Google Plus Class Action Lawsuit Scam {August} Read it

Google Plus Class Action Lawsuit Scam

Google Plus Class Action Lawsuit Scam {August} Read it -> It is time to receive the claim from google for your loss that occurred between 2015-2018.

Have you received an email to submit a claim to accept a settlement? If not, you should check your email account immediately. The last submission date is 8th October 2020. Are you still confused about the topic we are discussing here? Google Plus Class Action Lawsuit Scam is our topic that is prevailing and top-searched keyword on google. 

The United States people are in a dilemma because they don’t have much time to think. In August 2020, Google is liable to pay 7.5 million dollars for a final settlement. Go through the complete to know about the lawsuit and settlement.

What is Google Plus Class Action Lawsuit?

In 2018, a lawsuit was filed against Google LLC for a class-action. It presents because Google Plus experience a software bug that allowed other people to browse private information of the users. Earlier, google declined the claim by stating they have nothing to do with this error. After investigation, the analysts find the Privacy terms and conditions were majorly flawed. 

What more do you need to know?

Below points summarize the lawsuit and settlement on Google Plus Class Action Lawsuit Scam:

  • 4th August was the defunct date for google plus settlement
  • Users are receiving emails to find the eligibility to claim the settlement amount
  • The total settlement amount is 7.5 million dollars
  • After sending the money, the remnant money will not be returned to google.
  • The remnant settlement amount will be distributed among the users.
  • The total count of users has reached 450000.
  • One user is accountable for receiving over 12 dollars.
  • The money will be transferred through the electronic-wire medium
  • The users have the option to claim the settlement in cash. 


As Google is a reliable and robust platform, the users are confused with Google Plus Class Action Lawsuit Scam. It took time for google plus users to understand the loss and the settlement. Hence, they are happy that they have options to sue google alone or claim the compensation with the simple submission. 


When you get ripped off your money and don’t get it back, it is called a scam. We would not say Google Plus Class Action Lawsuit Scam is perfect for depicting the errors that happened on google plus. Google tried to bring a reliable and new platform for us to enjoy, but it faced a glitch. It gave access to outsiders to derive the personal details of the users. 

Until the investigation was in progress, google never admitted that they are a flaw. Once it was revealed that a policy and software bug was at fault, google took the accountability. This way, 7.5 million dollars is decided to perform a final settlement with the users. 

Now, you can understand how the email for a settlement dropped into your inbox. Please do let us know what you received in your email. Our comment section is all yours. 

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