Is Stand With Sophie Legit {Sep} Check Out The News Now

Is Stand with Sophie Legit

Is Stand With Sophie Legit {Sep} Check Out The News Now -> A story of a brave little girl who is fighting for herself and her younger brothers.

Do blame the government for the abuse happening with young children? Well, you should be blaming the guardians who fail to protect their children. The government cannot peek inside the homes to see the reality. 70% of child abuse cases are unreported. Is Stand with Sophie Legit– This puke-inducing question is doing rounds after some false news has made a path on online platforms. 

Stand-with-Sophie is a movement that is doing rounds on TikTok and Twitter. It is a story of a young girl hailing from the United States. An organization is doing a campaign to help this little girl, and it is not going great with many people. Let’s unfold the incidents to refute the question of their legitimacy. 

What is Stand-with-Sophie Movement?

The viral video of a nine-year-old girl, Sophie, attracted the attention of the worldwide population. In the video, you can see how Sophie is resisting her mother and grandmother. After disclosing the treatment that she is getting at her mother’s house, she pleads her father to fight for her. Many official organizations are on the case and protecting Sophie.

The movement is started to protect Sophie and her brother, who are living with their mother and grandmother. Sophie claims that her mother’s fiancée, a monster, lures abuses and sexual interaction with her. Meanwhile, the duo of mother and grandmother watch it. 

How did it start?

The below incidents will give you an insight into what happened before and after the video-recording:

  • Sophie came out to her father with big revelations of sexual abuse, molestation, and whatnot.
  • The father was about to drop her to the mother’s place where Sophie resisted to go back into the house.
  • The grandmother and mother-duo are forcing Sophie to come out.
  • The father filed a case to a local family court for full-fledged custody.
  • The grandmother is luring nasty comments. She says Sophie is lying; otherwise, she would not have made an entry to Gymnastics and other sports team at school.
  • Sophie is at a safe house but pleading to fight for her brothers too. 
  • GoFundMe Page is raising 25000 dollars to support Sophie and her brothers. 

Wide-spread opinion in the United States

People in the United States are protesting against those who are questioning “Is Stand with Sophie Legit?”. Sophie movement is a real incident, and a little girl is fighting bravely with her mother. She is also pleading to save her brother. Since June 2020, legal actions have been made against the grandmother and mother. People are outraged with sick-minded opinions doing rounds on social platforms in favor of the culprits. 

Final Verdict

Is Stand with Sophie Legit”- the question is making everyone sick. A nine-year-old will not lie of subjecting to child abuse, molestation, and rape by her mother and grandmother. Please share your thoughts and decide on the movement in our comment section. 

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  1. “A nine year old will not lie”

    Gonna stop you right there. Being critical of anything a nine year old says is common sense. Trust but verify.

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