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Google Nest Mini Spotify Scam (Sep) Know More About It!

Google Nest Mini Spotify Scam

Google Nest Mini Spotify Scam (Sep) Know More About It! >> This review will give you an understanding of Spotify’s promotional free giveaway of a Google Nest Mini.

Are you baffled by Spotify’s Google Nest freebie and looking to see if it for real? We are going to tell you all about the offer from Spotify in detail. This review will help you establish if it is a Google Nest Mini Spotify Scam

Google Nest Mini is like your personal assistant. Using your voice, you can do all the work – set alarms, reminders, control various appliances at home, and get the latest information.

The offer is available in the UK and Canada and not in the United States

All about the offer: 

Spotify is giving away a free Google Nest Mini to its premium members, but you have to fulfil specific eligibilty criteria. If you have a premium membership plan and stay in the UK or Canada, you can reserve your Google Nest Mini from Spotify’s website. Otherwise, register yourself as a premium member first. This offer is not valid in the United States yet. 

After reserving, you will get an email with the details. Using the link in the email, you can place the order through the Google Store. The promotional code will be automatically applied. You will also be able to check your order status here. You will have to choose from the available colors, even if you don’t get your favourite. 

There is no exchange offer available for this product as it is a part of a promotional offer. However, you can visit Google’s Warranty store for details. 

Many users suspect of a Google Nest Mini Spotify ScamHowever, this seems like a legit promotional offer that has been run by Spotify before as well.

What are the eligibility criteria?

  • This offer is only for Spotify premium users in the UK and Canada.
  • You should have a recurring payment method. 
  • You can claim the free Google Nest Mini if you have Premium Individual, Duo, Family or Student plan. However, if you’ve been invited for the family or the duo plan, then you are not eligible. 
  • You cannot be on trial or free plan to claim this offer.
  • If through any previous Spotify offer, you have already claimed a Google Nest Mini.
  • The offer lasts till the supplies are in stock and can also be terminated by Spotify.

Let us read our final views to know more about Google Nest Mini Spotify Scam.

Final Views

The Google Nest Mini is being offered for free as a part of a promotional offer by Spotify for its premium users. This offer is a legit one and is not a Google Nest Mini Spotify ScamIf you want to make the best use of this offer, redeem the offer on or before 31st October.

Make sure you have a premium subscription and have not already claimed the Google Nest Mini through a previous offer. You can read the terms and conditions on Spotify’s website.

Deae Readers, if you have any experiences or suggestions, share in the comment section below. 

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