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Is Silicon Nerd Reliable (June 2021) Read Before Buying >> If you want to buy electronic stuff online, then see through the content carefully to learn about this online site’s operational policies.

Are you an online gamer? Have you ever bought an electronic item online? We will here provide all the details to clarify your doubt that Is Silicon Nerd Reliable or not. This is a web store that delivers gaming laptops and PlayStation at reasonable prices.

Many online buyers from the United States have already received genuine products from this web store. This online portal delivers goods in the entire world at cheaper rates. Moreover, the site is well-renowned for selling technological items at retail rates.

However, what if the website charges any hidden charges? What if t doesn’t deliver your parcel once you make the payment? Let’s get all these queries answered before you place your first order.

Is Silicon Nerd Reliable?

Deciding on this online store’s legitimacy is a challenging task while shopping online. However, here are some notable facts about this online store:

  • has been delivering goods for more than three years.
  • This web store has no feedback comments in the online reviews sections, even after its three years of domain age which is surprising to know.
  • We could not find any social media page on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  • This website offers full insurance on all the items however charges extra service fees.

Furthermore, this online site has received an excellent trust score index online, making us more doubtful that Is Silicon Nerd Legit or a scam.

A few words about this is an old e-commerce electronic store that sells razer gaming laptops, Samsung laptops, apple air tags at retail prices. Moreover, this web store offers quick deliveries at affordable prices.

You can cancel the orders in case you change your mind. Additionally, you can also get a US-based warranty on almost all items. The site is currently shipping to the US and a hundred more countries; however, do not ship the parcels to hotels because of the increased risk of missing parcels. 

If you are still eager to know that Is Silicon Nerd Reliable or not, scroll down and read till the end.

Website’s specifications:

  • Type of the website: e-commerce store selling gaming laptops, PlayStation and other accessories
  • Expected delivery time: 2-5 working days 
  • Return and exchange: applicable
  • E-mail address:
  • Custom duties: payable
  • Shipping costs: calculate according to parcel size
  • Paypal fee: 4.4% per transaction
  • Service fee: $100 for the first product and $50 for additional products
  • Domain age: three years, eight months and twenty-four days
  • Payment method: PayPal, AMEX, Visa, and MasterCard

Merits of

  • You will get every product at retail rates.
  • This web store has earned a brilliant trust score of 91%.

De-merits of

  • There are no reviews on any of the reliable sources, so it is hard to find Is Silicon Nerd Reliable or not.
  • This e-commerce store’s owner’s identity is still hidden, and we could not find any contact number on its official website.
  • The customers will have to pay the cancellation fee in case they cancel any order.

What are the previous buyers saying about this online selling site in the reviews sections?

Trusting any online selling site was never easy until the buyers started posting their honest reviews online to help others decide wisely regarding their purchase. So, we thought to check this’s reviews and gather all the vital information from all over the internet.

However, to our dismay, we could not read any Silicon Nerd Reviews on our trustworthy resources. And the most fishing fact about this site is that it has not received even a single comment in its reviews section even after existing for more than three years. It’s possible to face issues while transferring money through PayPal. To find the solutions, read below.

Final words

Through all the information we came across, we have concluded that:

  • was released years ago and has earned a good trust score; however, no user has rated the site or given any feedback.
  • This web store has no active page on instagram. Here is everything you should know about instagram,

So, we recommend you to read every detail about this site online and then decide that Is Silicon Nerd Reliable or a fraud site.

Have you ever bought a laptop online? Please help our readers by sharing your personal experience. In case you want more details about a refund because of a credit card scam, read this.

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