Get Money Back From PayPal If Scammed: Details Inside

Get Money Back From PayPal If Scammed: Details Inside >> Are you wondering is it possible to get a refund amount once you have been scammed? Then please refer to the below article for more information.

Are you fond of online shopping? Then definitely, you might have experienced some of the problems through the process. 

Online shopping and services are standard Worldwide nowadays, it saves lots of time, and it is easy to get necessary items at your doorstep.

Are you here to know How To Get Money Back From Paypal If Scammed? What if I have paid from PayPal but didn’t receive my item? What are the terms and conditions on PayPal for Refund? Then stay tuned with us because the write-up here is all about displaying the precise method to get a refund. 

About PayPal

PayPal is a popular online payment processor Worldwide. Elon Musk, Luke Nosek, Yu Pan, Ken Howery, Peter Thiel, and Max Levchin are the founders of PayPal, founded in 1998. Whenever you shop, PayPal makes sure to provide the fastest, safest, and most straightforward service to you. 

Hence it is trusted by over 346 million active user accounts globally. What if I have been scammed? Does Paypal Refund Money If Scammed? Go through the below sections for all your doubts. For more information about PayPal, you can refer to the link given here. (

How PayPal Works?

Without spending any money, sign-up now and start shopping online with PayPal today.

  • Sign-up for free, which takes only a few minutes.
  • Loop your credit card or debit card details once to the PayPal account.
  • While online shopping, hit on the PayPal button wherever you see for instant payments.
  • And receive your payment details by email.

What is PayPal Refund Policy?

This guide is everything about How To Get Money Back From Paypal If Scammed. Wherever there is money, there are scammers, so beware of it and go for safe, secure online payments. Without any further delay, let’s dive into the actual topic. 

PayPal designs three unique Refund Policy tools for swindle buyers; please go through below:

  • Purchase protection
  • 180-Day Refund Policy
  • Chargebacks

Let us understand all three Refund Policies one by one in detail below.

PayPal’s Purchase Protection

In the following mentioned cases, the PayPal user gets a full refund, including the shipping charges, if they file the variance within 180-Day or 60-day based on the criteria. So, no worries about How To Get Money Back From Paypal If Scammed, it is made easy now.

This buyers’ protection policy claims that the users are protected if:

  • Any charges filed on their account that they are not aware of.
  • User get the ordered item, but they are different from what they ordered.
  • Payer didn’t receive the requested item. 

Based on the research, PayPal’s Protection Policy doesn’t make it valid for multiple transactions and items not included in the PayPal Policy, Real Estate, prepaid cards, donation, industrial machinery, etc. 

About 180-Day PayPal Refund Policy

Are you wondering How To Get Money Back From Paypal If Scammed? Don’t worry there is well designed PayPal Refund Policy. Just understand the terms and conditions thoroughly, as given below:

  • If you have purchased some product through PayPal, but you have not received the item.
  • You suspect that the payment is still pending in such a case, you can cancel the payment by yourself by visiting the activity page of PayPal.
  • If the payment is pending for more than 30-days, then you will get a refund automatically.
  • Submit your refund request to PayPal within 180-days or 60-days of purchase based on the type of card you used for payment. 

How To Get Money Back From Paypal If Scammed from Chargeback

Chargeback is the best option if you have fallen into a trap, as quick actions are taken here. When you file chargeback from a credit card company, the PayPal team understands that you are asking for a refund; it instantly freezes the said amount into the user account until the dispute is resolved.

When is Chargeback valid?

  • You can submit a chargeback when you paid for the item but didn’t receive the item.
  • Or you received a damaged or different product than showed on the site.
  • Other charges that buyers not aware of.
  • Duplicate charges.
  • A billing error occurs, and you paid for the wrong bill.

What next if you do not get the refund after a Successful Try?

How To Get Money Back From Paypal If Scammed; if you have tried to contact the seller regarding the refund issue, and it’s been 20-days now, you didn’t respond from the seller. 

  • Go to the web browser and search for PayPal Resolution Centre.
  • Log in using your PayPal details.
  • Hit on the button ‘Report a Problem.’
  • Choose your transaction issue and click on the Continue Tab.
  • Select the valid reason for why you are claiming the report.
  • Finally, submit the report.

Once you submit the report, step back and relax. The PayPal team examines the issue and decides whether your claim is valid for a refund or not? This procedure takes around 30 days. 

Does Paypal Refund Money If Scammed? Yes! If your claim fits into the Policy rightly, you will get the refund amount for sure, just follow the steps mentioned above. 

Note: It is possible to claim the report from the official site PayPal’s Resolution Centre for now and not from the app. Resolution Center involves PayPal in the issue and tries to solve it efficiently within 30-days.

We suggest you stay wise and be away from the scam. And raise your voice whenever it is necessary. We hope all the methods mentioned above to know How To Get Money Back From Paypal If Scammed?is helpful to you.

Final Verdict

Online payments, shopping, and services are widespread nowadays. Everything is digitalized globally; online services have extensive benefits at the time, there are few limitations. So be careful while making any payments online and stay away from the scam. 

180-day refund policy, chargeback, and Protection Policy are few Refund Policies of PayPal; Please refer to the above methods if you have scammed and want a refund from PayPal. This is from our end. For more details, please visit the official site.

Do you have anything to add to How To Get Money Back From Paypal If Scammed? Then please comment your words in the given section below; we are always happy to hear from you.