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Is Prolysol website Legit {July} Pick Trick Of Scam

Is Prolysol website Legit

Is Prolysol website Legit {July} Pick Trick Of Scam -> This article gives a detailed analysis of a website selling disinfectants and cleaners online.

Have you lately bought any disinfectant or cleaner for your household? Several websites are selling such items, and one of them is The website layout may attract you to buy products, but it is crucial to know Is Prolysol website Legit or not before spending your hard-earned money. 

Due to the covid-19 pandemic spreading worldwide, new websites are emerging on the internet and selling disinfectant products. Inspite of hurrying for the shopping spree online, first analyze the new site correctly and then shop. That will save you from scams and frauds going online today. So, we investigated this United States website thoroughly and got some useful details for you to judge.

Thus, we suggest you continue reading this article for your benefit and then purchase the required products.

Is Prolysol website Legit?

The website is a young website that got launched only a few days ago. The prices displayed on the site are too low to be true. It has a lot of hidden information like contact addresses and phone numbers that are not available to contact the customers. There are no Prolysol website Reviews on popular review sites and no presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

The strange part is the presence of low-priced items, and the shipping charges are so high that they make it a possible scam site. Apart from that, the language is not at all professional and shows the seriousness of the owners. 

The website’s ranking on Alexa is very low, and that shows its unpopularity on the internet. It has low customer strength and hence no feedback available anywhere. If you ask Is Prolysol website Legit? We will say no, it is not a truly legit website, as can be seen by the information available.

What is

The website is a newly launched site that sells disinfectant products like cleaners, sanitizers, and sprays. The prices are quite low, and the shipping is free above $50. The products get delivered to your location within 2 to 7 days, depending on the shipping charges. The returns policy is for two weeks.

No contact address or phone number is available on the website from the United States. You have to fill a form to contact them online. There is no email id given for contacting them too. The payment method available is only PayPal.

Specifications of

  • Website type – Seller of Disinfectant products online
  • Site country – United States
  • Shipping fee – Free above $50
  • Returns – Acceptable within two weeks
  • Contact Address – Not available
  • Telephone – Not available
  • Email ID – Not available
  • Payment method – PayPal
  • Social media presence – Nil

Pros of Buying from

  • The website has a range of disinfectants available.
  • The returns are acceptable.

Cons of Buying from

  • The website is quite young
  • The shipping charges are high for delivery.
  • There is no contact address, phone number, or email id given by the website.
  • There is only one mode of payment available.
  • No association with social media is detected.

What are People talking about

To know the authenticity of a website or its products, buyers of that website usually provide good reviews. Other customers can use those reviews to analyze a new webstore. Thus, we researched for such reviews to analyze, Is Prolysol website Legit or not. There was no positive feedback available on the web for this webstore selling disinfectants.

Some of the websites have only considered this new site as a potential threat. That may be due to the unavailability of proper information of the owner and the probability of a scam. There are no customers for this new e-store, and no reviews are available online for others to consider it a reliable website.

The Final Verdict

If we look at the positive and negative aspects of this newly launched store, we can accurately judge its legitimacy. The Webshop is highly unpopular on the web, and there is a lot of missing information on the site. The absence of transparency with the customers makes it an untrustworthy website.

We suggest the buyers beware of this new e-shop that sells disinfectants with attractive prices, as it is only a way to attract customers and scam them. There are many legit sites on the internet today that can be trusted for buying such household products. So go for them and avoid using this possibly illegitimate website.

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