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Is Niskger Legit (July) Is It Legit or Not?

Is Niskger Legit

Is Niskger Legit (July) Is It Legit or Not?>> This is a website dealing with unique and reasonable products in multiple categories.
Are you looking for a website dealing with multiple products? If yes, then you have landed on the perfect page. Is this article, you will read about Niskger Reviews

This is a newly found website in the online market platform. This website deals with multiple products like clothing items, books, air conditioners, animal wearing.

The officials from the United States operate this website. This website has provided it’s all terms and conditions, delivery, shipping, return and refund policy, and also all other details are specified there.

Many websites are coming every day, so you have to be assured about the safety of the website. After reading Niskger Reviews, you will be assured about Is Niskger Legit.

Is Niskger Legit?

Talking about Niskger Reviews, the website provides a small range of products. In the electric section, it only sells air conditioners, and coming to the animal wearing it online sells dog wearing, and the variety of books is also very tiniest. This is not a sign of any legit e-commerce website.

Return and Refund policy also very frustrating as it takes around a month to proceed with this procedure. The products can be returned within 30/days of the dispatched date, and then the refund also takes 30 days from the returned date.

The contact number given on the website is not correct, which signifies that the website is not legit.

The address provided on the website was not a godown, but a residential area which also indicated the same.

After reading the above points, you will easily be able to conclude: Is Niskger Legit.

What is Niskger? is a new website that deals with many products, like clothing, books, air conditioners and animal wearing.

The website has mentioned all the information about its delivery, return and refund policies. You can return the product within 30 days from the date of dispatch, and the refund of the product will be provided to you in 30 days from the date of the return (excluding other delivery charges) 

This website also claims that they select their products very carefully to meet the demands of their valuable costumers. They claim to provide complete satisfaction with the latest and good quality goods at a lower price. They also bet that you will be amazed at the quality offered. 

To read specifications of this platform, read the mentioned Niskger Reviews.

Specifications of

  • Website type: E-commerce website 
  • Shipping time: usually dispatched within 3-7 days.
  • Opening hours: Monday-Sunday.
  • Delivery time: Standard delivery to United States locations takes between 10-22 days, excluding weekends and bank holidays.
  • Delivery cost: Standard delivery is FREE to all United States addresses.
  • Return policy: within 30 days from the date of dispatch.
  • Refund policy: within 30 days from the date of the returned product and also no delivery charges will be refunded
  • Company address: 72 Gardiner Avenue, Rochester, New York, 146111
  • Contact Number: +12052350850
  • Email Address:
  • Payment Gateways: PayPal, Visa, Master Card, 

 Pros of

  • The website deals with products. 
  • The website offers multiple payment methods.
  • Any blacklist engine does not spot this website.

Cons of

  • The website has not uploaded a single customer review.
  • The website uses a free domain
  • Traffic on the website also seems to be very low.

Customer Reviews on

Niskger Reviews are not uploaded on its webpage and they have not mentioned any feedbacks on website. Due to new entry in the online market platform, nothing is available about this website on the internet. 

Thus, it is hard to conclude: Is Niskger Legit.

Some of the costumers uploaded that they do not deliver the same product that they have displayed on their website. And the products delivered are also of low quality. They have also written that the products are not worth the money paid for them.

It thus hard to trust any website, which has not mentioned any reviews on its webpage.

Final Verdict:

After reading this article about Is Niskger Legitwe can say that this website is a scam. 

As this is a new website, the traffic on the website is also very low. And the delivery time is also very long (15-22 days). This website delivers a different product as shown on the website.

And the return policy of this website is also very difficult as it takes around a month to complete the procedure.

So, it’s better to stay away from such scam websites. If you don’t want to lose your precious earnings, do not purchase products from it. 

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  1. Damn I’m m neealy I just ordered an air conditioner 7/282020. I didn’t know this was a scam website.I’m disabled and I have a disabled daughter with cerebral pasley.who needed the air this makes me very mad to know that people will take your last dime but what @jullian don’t know thats the name on the email I was sent I’m lawyered up u aint gone just take my money like that!!;;

  2. I ordered two AC units from the website. A couple of months later I received a pack of facemasks in the mail from them. Total scam…

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