Is Power XL 1700w Legit {Nov} Review Right Decision

Is Power XL 1700w Legit 2020

Is Power XL 1700w Legit {Nov} Review Right Decision -> Wants to eat snacks and worrying about health also? Then check out this air fryer and know whether it’s trustworthy to purchase or not.

Are we eagerly waiting to purchase an air fryer? We are here to help you by giving the details of Power XL 1700w. Today we will be sharing the information regarding the air fryer. As many of us often love to eat fast foods like fries and chicken wings but think of our health, we usually avoid it as these contain lots of oil and fat content. 

So, what if we get an air fryer that makes these food items without using oil? But we always have a question in our mind that Is Power XL 1700w Legit? We will also answer this question. So, read the content to get aware of the product.

In the United States, people are more concerned about their health and avoid eating oily food. Moreover, they have a busy schedule and prefer to use kitchen aid items that make their cooking easy. So, we will share all the details and check the legitimacy of the product.

Is Power XL 1700w Legit?

Before purchasing this air fryer, you need to check whether the product is trustworthy and safe to do the cooking in this air fryer. This air fryer came to the market a long time back, and many people purchased it, due to which we can find Power XL 1700w reviews.

Many people have shared their experiences online, and most of them are good enough, which can encourage other buyers to purchase this product. People have liked this air fryer because of the unique features that it posses.

The product is active on the social media platform. With a well-maintained Facebook page, it also has its account on instagram. It has shared lots of posts on a social media platform and has received positive remarks.

Based on our search and all the information available, we can say that the product is legit, and customers can go online to purchase it.

What is Power XL 1700w?

This is a power air fryer that cooks our food with the help of turbo cyclonic air in place of oil. It has a touch screen with seven one-touch presets for your favorite fast foods and baking items. This air fryer uses rapid air technology to cook food, and this is the most significant advantage of using this product as we can eat our favorite snacks with no oil.

No oil, no trans fat, and no greasy mess, one can cook its crispy fries and enjoy their evening. It’s just like little effort, and favorite healthy snacks are ready. But it’s natural that before investing our money, we will think twice that Is Power XL 1700w Legit? So, to get more details of the product, check out its specifications.

Specifications of Power XL 1700w

  • Product name – Power air fryer XL 5.3 Quart
  • Brand – Air Fryer XL 
  • Model name – 5.3 QT
  • Color – Black
  • Weight – 16.1 Pounds
  • The material used – Plastic
  • Product Dimensions – 15.9 x 14 x 13.8 inches

Pros of using Power XL 1700w

  • This air fryer cooks food without using oil.
  • The power air fryer works on rapid air technology.
  • Many people have shared flattering Power XL 1700w reviews online

Cons of using Power XL 1700w

  • Model 5.3 QT is enormous.
  • The basket of this air fryer is hard.

What are people saying about Power XL 1700w?

Since the product was available in 2016 in the market and from then it has received lots of reviews from the customers. Many people have shared their experience online as well as on social media platform.

People love its rapid air technology that makes their favorite snacks healthy without consuming much time and efforts. Positive reviews and wonderful experience shared by the people shows that people enjoy cooking with the air fryer.


The rapid air technology based air fryer is available in the market since 2016 and has received 4.5 stars out of five. The social media activeness and special features make this air fryer popular among people.

Is Power XL 1700w Legit? – To answer this question all we can say that being too old in the market the product has won the trust of people. I suggest you too purchase this air fryer and enjoy eating your favorite snacks without worrying about your health.

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