Cook V Scpsa Scam (Jan 2021) Know About The Alleged Scam

Cook V Scpsa scam 2020

Cook V Scpsa Scam (Jan 2021) Know About The Alleged Scam -> Get to know about a class-action lawsuit settlement due to which the customers of a company received cheques.

Did you recently hear the news of people receiving cheques from Santee Cooper? If so, then do read on as we share important information about it here. 

Many people are searching for Cook V Scpsa scam online. They’re assuming that the news of Santee Cooper paying people due to the settlement is a scam. However, that is farther from the truth. 

In today’s post, we’re sharing details about this class action lawsuit in the United States. The customers of Santee Cooper recently started reporting that they received cheques from the company. 

Here we’re sharing the details about the settlement and letting our readers know about a few vital things related to the lawsuit. 

What is Cook V Scpsa?

Cook V Scpsa scam is not exactly a scam. It is a clas-action lawsuit settlement under which the company Santee Cooper is paying customers for failed projects

The parties reached a settlement on August 31, 2020, and from November 13, the company started sending cheques to the eligible people. 

The projects in the lawsuit were related to the construction of two nuclear units by the company. Read on further to know more. 

Things to know about Cook V Scpsa:

  • People who opted out of the class action or are suppose to a bill credit are not eligible for the settlement cheque. 
  • As per the settlement, customers either receive a settlement cheque or bill credit. 
  • There is no Cook V Scpsa scam
  • It is a class-action lawsuit. 
  • The eligible class members received the cheque. 
  • The cheques were given out from November 13 to November 27. 
  • The cheques are being provided to customers who paid utility bills.  
  • The final judgment for the settlement came on August 31. 
  • Santee Cooper was responsible for the 
  • The Scpsa (South Carolina Public Service Authority) has agreed to pay the customers as per the settlement. 

Who should know about Cook V Scpsa?

People who are going online looking for any information about Cook V Scpsa scam should know about this. The customers of Santee Cooper, who paid the utility bills, should be aware of this class action lawsuit settlement. 

What are people saying about Cook V Scpsa?

Many people posted online about the settlement cheque. While some of the people were unaware of the settlement, others wondered if this is a scam. A few news websites have covered the news of the settlement and shared articles on it. 

Concluding Remarks

The lawsuit was filed against Santee Cooper for a failed project. As part of the settlement, the court has asked the company to pay the customers. Everyone from commercial, residential, to industrial customers received the cheques in their mails. 

The news about Cook V Scpsa Scam is something that all the customers should know about. Share your thoughts about this lawsuit settlement with us in the comments section. 

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