Is One Fresh Pillow Legit (Jan) Read Reviews

Is One Fresh Pillow Legit 2021

Is One Fresh Pillow Legit (Jan) Read Reviews -> Want to know about the legitimacy of the first subscription pillow website? Read the Review below.

Everybody wants to feel fresh after a night’s sleep to complete his day’s task with ease. Night sleep can be disturbed due to many reasons, and it can vary with different people. Medical condition and stress being the top two contributors to disturbed sleep in the United States.

But here we are talking about the comfort level during sleep time. The quality of mattress, bedsheet, and pillow one is using during his sleep. One fresh pillow is a portal selling pillow, Is One Fresh Pillow Legit is the question we will try to find out in this review.

Is One Fresh Pillow Legit?

With millions of websites selling different products and services to customers in the United States, the portal’s legitimacy is a significant worry for shoppers.  But we can’t say anything about the people’s neck pain using it, but people with a busy schedule can subscribe to its annual plan and get a new pillow at intervals of 3, 6, or 9 months, whichever plan suits them. 

Its subscription service has the benefit of a 15% discount and free shipping forthe product purchased. Coming to the question that Is One Fresh Pillow Legit, we, based on our research, can say that there is no question about the website’s legitimacy.


  • Name of the website:
  • Product sold: pillow and accessories.
  • Phone number: 850-778-3688
  • Email:
  • Refund policy: 30 days from delivery
  • Shipping policy:  Free shipping for subscription service and order of more than $84
  • Payment option: shop pay, G pay, PayPal, and amazon pay
  • Physical address: 2639, n.m. street B 106, Tallahassee, Florida
  • Alexa ranking: 5,643,196


  • Since the website was founded five years ago, the chances of it being legit increased.
  • A refund policy of 30 days from delivery is good for the customer as it will give sufficient time to people if they want to return the product.
  • One Fresh Pillow Reviewbelieves that the availability of Physical address and telephone number gives people greater confidence to make their purchase from the website.
  • This website sells pillows and accessories; the product’s niche nature makes it easy for the customer to get the product of their choice on a website quickly.


  • Alexa ranking of 5,643,196 indicates that the website has moderate traffic; the website’s niche nature may be responsible for it.
  • If one takes their subscription services, they will automatically get free shipping, but for others with an order value of less than $ 84 shipping charge is payable.  

What is One Fresh Pillow.Com?

This website also sells accessories like a sleep mask, sleep spray, pillowcase, and travel pillow with pillows. The price of the product sold on this website ranges from $9 to $99.

Keep reading One Fresh Pillow Review till the end to know more about this website.

One fresh pillow is an online portal started by a massage therapist and his wife to provide a comforting pillow to their client. Neck pain is the biggest problem that can occur due to inadequate sleep postures and the use of lousy quality pillows. To find a solution to the neck pain due to a lousy pillow,  kautzes came up with this product.

What are One Fresh Reviews?

As far as the website’s social media presence is concerned, it has icons of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and youtube on its homepage. One fresh pillow review feelsany legal business will want their account opened on these social media sites as each one has the role of its own in sales andpromotion of the product and services.

Facebook page was created in July of 2016 and had around 1362 followers and 1317 likes. Most of the customer has given above 4-star rating to the product. On, it has a rating of 3 out of 5 from one review.

No customer review was available on Trustpilot though some review in the form of testimonial was given on its website. 


In the end, we can say that this website has tried to develop an innovative product for its customer, but nothing can be said about its therapeutic use. Is One Fresh Pillow Legit?  The answer to the above question is yes, it is legit, and many of the customers are happy with the quality of the product.

The website claim to be the first of its kind to offer subscription pillow service in the United States. We would have wanted to see more customer reviews on digital platforms other than the company’s website that would have been great for customer confidence.

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