Is Giddy Beauty Legit [Jan] Get Fair Review Here


Is Giddy Beauty Legit [Jan] Get Fair Review Here -> The post is about a new webshop that sells cosmetic items online.

Do you plan to buy beauty products online from a new webshop? We suggest you read about this new webshop that got lately launched only a month ago. We will be telling you, Is Giddy Beauty Legit or not, here in this write-up.To know everything in detail, we researched well and found some information for the new buyers. The website is known to sell products in the United Kingdom, United States, and some other countries.

Is Giddy Beauty Legit?

For an in-depth analysis of the new store that got launched a month ago, we researched a lot. The webstore is rarely-known among people, maybe due to its newness. Still, on further in-depth studies, we found that the website has some links with a high-risk country that is well-known for being fraudulent, thus creating a doubtful image for this new online shop. Apart from that, it has a low Alexa ranking and has very little traffic.

There is no association present with social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc., and fake icons are present on the website to mislead people. That is a big flaw on their part. We researched for Giddy Beauty Reviewsonline but could not find any positive report. The absence of such reviews on the web create doubts among people, and they question its legitimacy. 

What is 

The company Giddybeauty was started by a celebrity make-up artist in 1994, although the website is only a month old. It sells beauty products like eyeliners, blushes, mascaras, lipsticks, etc. The products are present currently at discounted rates, and the sale is going on. The deliveries are available for various countries like the United Kingdom, United States, etc. The shipping rates vary according to the mode of shipping you choose and the returns are available within 14 days.The modes of payment that you can choose include only PayPal. There is no office address or phone number available on the website. Only one email address is given for the people to contact them. 

Specifications of 

  • Webstore Type – Online store for selling Cosmetic items
  • Webstore Country – United States
  • Shipping cost – Starting at $5.99
  • Returns – Available within 14 days
  • Office address – not available
  • Phone number not available 
  • Email –
  • Payment mode – PayPal
  • Social media- No presence 

Worthy Aspects of 

  • The website belongs to a celebrity make-up artist who started the company in 1994.
  • The prices are highly discounted and affordable for everyone. 

Worthless Aspects of 

  • If People ask, Is Giddy Beauty Legit or not, we can say it looks illegitimate, due to certain flaws associated with the website. 
  • There is no office address or phone number available on the website for the buyers to contact them. 
  • There is nil presence on social media platforms.
  • The product prices are too low to be trusted for their genuineness and quality.

What are the Customer Reviews for 

We analyzed the website for customer reviews but did not find any Giddy Beauty Reviews anywhere. People hardly know about cosmetic webshop. There are nil reviews available on the internet, and that shows how unpopular the online shop is on the web. There is no presence even on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

The online shop has not made any efforts to advertise and let people know about it. There is a lot of missing information, and people doubt its authenticity. They fear purchasing products from them and keep asking, Is Giddy Beauty Legit or a scam site? We think it is a possible scam as it has many negative aspects.

The Conclusion

concluding, at last, we can say that the webstore in question is an unreliable one. It has a low trust score, and people rarely know about it. There is no feedback available on any leading website on the internet. There is hidden information about the owner, and it is a skeptical aspect that doubts its real image. 

We suggest the readers beware while browsing on this webshop that is only one month old and they should avoid purchasing any product till you are fully convinced. People usually question such web shops that have a doubtful image, and so the case here. People keep asking us, Is Giddy Beauty Legit or not? We say that it has no proven aspect of its legitimacy available anywhere, and hence we do not trust it.

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