Is Codexthus com Scam [Mar] Read The Detail Reviews


Is Codexthus com Scam [Mar] Read The Detail Reviews ->> In the world of scam stores, does the shop selling bathroom accessories give you safe deals? Read the article to know the answer.

Is Codexthus com Scam – Do your search for the legitimacy of Codexthus Store? In today’s content, we will be sharing highlights of the e-commerce site that sells accessories for homes. People of the United States often search household items on different portals. Let’s discuss the varieties of products available for the buyers and try to collect people’s experiences.

By sharing the website’s features, we will introduce you to its shipping, return and refund policy so that you can make your purchases easily if the store turned out to be legit.

Is Codexthus com Scam?

Firstly let’s discuss some points about the store based on which we will answer your question –

  1. Website’s age – Codexthus is just 13 days old portal. It was registered on 5 March 2021. Its registration is done for one year only.
  2. Ratings give to the portal – scam detector has given a 2.4 rating out of 100. Such a poor rating shows a negative sign. Moreover, people have not commented their experience. 
  3. Social media presence – the social media icons of the portal are not working. We do not find its presence on Facebook or instagram.
  4. Details shared – the site does not share information about its company’s history. It does not provide refunds to the buyers. The contact address does not point to the correct location.

Is Codexthus com Scam – The store is new and dubious. The flaws of the store do not encourage us to shop.

What is Codexthus com?

It is the e-shopping portal that sells home items. You can find a collection of unique shower heads on the portal’s main page. The store has the latest designed trim showers that do not allow wastage of water. The products are made with the most reliable materials so that they can work for a long time.

Classic showers of Codexthus will change the look of your bathrooms. Moreover, the installation of their showers is easy and does not require much effort and time. But as you have got the answer of
Is Codexthus com Scam
, do the portal’s items still attract you to the store?

Specifications of Codexthus com

  • Type of site – it provides home items.
  • Phone number- (510) 948- 2943 
  • Email address – SERVICE@CODEXTHUS.COM
  • Refund – not provided.
  • Shipping cost-free of cost.
  • Time taken to deliver items – 5-10 working days.
  • Location of store – 1106 Bakersfield California, United States.
  • Acceptable payment methods – PayPal only.

Pros of Codexthus com

  • The store has the latest collection of the showerhead.
  • It does not take any shipping charges.

Cons of Codexthus com

  • Codexthus com Reviews were not found anywhere.
  • The website is sharing fake social media icons with the customers. Even it has not shown its presence on any social media platform.
  • The scam detector is showing low ratings. One percent trust sore is provided to the portal.
  • The information on the about us page looks like copied from fraudulent websites. The address of the store is also incorrect.
  • The store is not offering refunds. It would become difficult for people to shop from the store who do not have a PayPal account as the store accepts payments via PayPal only.

What are Codexthus com Reviews?

The store is new in the online shopping world. People have not commented on their experience anywhere. Absence on social media platforms made us unaware of the fact that the bathroom accessories are liked by people or not. 

Codexthus com is not popular and has poor ratings, so there is no hope for feedback in the coming months. Within 13 days, no one has purchased anything from the store; thus, no feedback is available yet.


The bathroom accessories of the portal are fantastic but it has a strict return policy and does not give refunds due to which buyers are not ready to shop. 

The store has many negative signs with the help of which we are able to answer Is Codexthus com Scam to you. We suggest to all the readers that they explore some other shopping site to purchase their bathing accessories as shopping from the Codexthus com store is just wasting of money.

Which store do you use to purchase your household items? Could you please share your views with us? We love to hear your response.

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