How Many Women Are In The World 2021 (March) Get Update

How Many Women Are In The World 2021

How Many Women Are In The World 2021 (March) Get Update  >> Please read the above article to know about our global population a little better with up-to-date stats.

How Many Women Are in the World 2021: Do you know how many females are there in the world? No? Do you not know the population difference between both genders? No worries, our brief article will answer these questions and many more with the latest stats.

The national population census is conducted every ten years in the United States and almost every other country, so how do we get to know every year’s population details?

We shall first look closely at the world population and see how it is calculated and classified further.

About World Population

The world population keeps on growing by every passing second. There are 7,871,748,091 (7.8 billion) people alive in the world currently. But, How Many Women Are in the World 2021? The female population stands at 3,900,018,329 (3.9 billion), approx. 49.5% of the total population.

There is also a vast difference between the age distribution, with 2.08 billion (1 billion female) people younger than 15 years of age, 5.08 billion (2.5 billion female) between 15-64, and 590 million (328 million) above the age of 64.

These numbers are calculated based on average birth and death rate, gender ratio, etc. 

Gender Ratios around the world

The term gender ratio represents the number of men per 100 women. To count how many women are in the world in 2021, without the census being held? The population growth of each country is taken with its gender ratio. So if a country has a gender ratio of 100, that mean if 1000 babies are born, 500 are male and the other 500 female. These results are then corrected afterward with accurate data.

The Caribbean island Martinique has the lowest gender ratio of 84.5, i.e., 84.5 men per 100 women and the United Arab Emirates has the highest gender ratio with 274 men per 100 women. The world average gender ratio is 101.8, while in the United States, it is 98.3.

Life Expectancy 

After answering how many women are in the world in 2021, let us now see how long do women live and differ from men.

Different countries have different life expectancies, but women live eight years longer than males on a global average. In Russia, the average is 12 years, whereas it is only 0.1 years in Bangladesh. This is said to be due to a biological advantage that allows them to live longer but, there are many places where women are still poorly treated.

Literacy Rate

The global estimates state that 86.3% of the people are literate and can read and write. So, how many women are in the world in 2021 are literate? About 82.65% of women are literate, whereas the male literacy rate stands at 89.96%.


The world population might be slightly tilted towards men, but women do live longer. It is safe to say that the gender ratio is balanced overall. There are more young males but more elder females. 

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