Is C4 Coffee Lisbon Ohio Legit [Mar] Review It Today!

Is C4 Coffee Lisbon Ohio Legit 2021

Is C4 Coffee Lisbon Ohio Legit [Mar] Review It Today! >> Do you want roasted coffee bean? Have a look at the article sharing details of a fantastic coffee store.

Is C4 Coffee Lisbon Ohio Legit – Do the company is offering good coffee beans? Coffee lovers of the United States are looking for the answer. So we thought to share our views about C4 Coffee with you. People love to taste different coffee beans and look out for companies that can offer them effective coffee beans at a low price.

We will share the policies and services of the C4 Company. Customer’s feedback will help us in knowing if the company is offering them any benefits or not. Read the content till the end to get well – known with C4 Company.

Is C4 Coffee Lisbon Ohio Legit?

It’s time to judge whether the company is trustworthy or not. Let’s discuss.

  1. C4 was registered on 7 September 2019. The domain is old, and it’s a positive sign.
  2. We have found many comments of the people and 1.9 ratings are given by the customers.
  3. The company address shows the exact location on the Google map. About us page has successfully shared the mission and vision of the company.
  4. As per the scam advisor, the website has got 85% ratings and is safe to use. 
  5. It lacks social media icons, and we do not found its instagram account.

Is C4 Coffee Lisbon Ohio Legit – The site seems legit, but the returns and shipping details are not available, so we are not sure.

What is C4 Coffee Lisbon Ohio?

The C4 coffee company offers various types of roasted coffee beans that can give you delicious flavors of coffee. As per the interest of customers, the store offers light, medium and dark coffee beans. By making your account, you can get access to your profile and private web pages of C4 Coffee.

You can purchase C4 hoodies and shirts from the store. All the coffee bean bags are appropriately sealed. If you love to drink whole bean or a ground roast bean coffee, then it’s a perfect store for you. Moreover, after discussing Is C4 Coffee Lisbon Ohio Legit, Are you curious to visit the store? The company’s wants to offer the taste of excellence with its coffee beans.

C4 is working for the good cause. The company provides a few amount of money earned from each coffee bean bag to the families of soldiers and police officers. This little step has been taken to help their families. 

Specifications of C4 Coffee Lisbon Ohio

  • Type of site – it sells all types of coffee beans.
  • The email address of the company –
  • Address – 129 E. Lincoln Ave, Lisbon, Ohio, United States.
  • Acceptable payment methods – PayPal

Pros of C4 Coffee Lisbon Ohio

  • C4 Coffee Lisbon Ohio Reviews are comment down by many buyers.
  • The website is registered more than a year back.
  • High ratings are given to the portal on scam advisor.
  • The company shares accurate contact address.
  • The site has almost all types of coffee beans with them.

Cons of C4 Coffee Lisbon Ohio

  • The site lacks the details of shipping and delivery information.
  • The portal does not provide details of its return and refund policy.

What are C4 Coffee Lisbon Ohio Reviews?

Buyers give many positive feedbacks. People love to visit the store as the company offers fantastic customer service. Moreover, amazing coffee is offered to them. People called the coffee patriotic and loved to have it.

Negative reviews were also flashed while exploring the site. The owner rejects a few customers to take the coffee. Customers feel the coffee of C4 was just water dressed in brown. According to them, it was an awful coffee.

We have shared both positive and negative feedback with you. As different people have different tastes, so does their views vary.


Is C4 Coffee Lisbon Ohio Legit? The store has many positive signs and seems to be legit. But due to lack of details, we are not sure if the store’s product would safely reach your homes or not. The site has offered bags of coffee beans at cost-effective rates. You can have discount coupons with your purchases.

Readers can try the coffee beans of the store, but it would be better to investigate its returns and shipping details.

Which type of coffee bean do you love to have? Please share some words about it in the comment section provided below.

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