Is Otteror Legit [Mar 2021] Read The Review Today!

Is Otteror Legit 2021

Is Otteror Legit [Mar 2021] Read The Review Today! >> Do the store selling beautiful storage bags is misleading their customers? Read the article to know if it’s true or not.

Is Otteror Legit – Do the company is selling worth buying products to the buyers? To answer the question, we have to know the details of the Otteror Shopping store. In the United States, kids love to carry small storage bags in which assembling toys become easy.

Most importantly, we first have to be aware that the store is real or a scam. As every one of us has stepped into the e-shopping world, the numbers of scam portals are increasing.

We will be sharing reviews of Otteror in the content so that you can decide if the portal is good for shopping or not.

Is Otteror Legit?

Firstly, let’s pinpoint some crucial facts of the store that can judge Otteror’s legitimacy.

  1. The store was registered five days back on 17 March 2021. The site will expire after a year.
  2. It uses only PayPal to accept payments and offers only a short time to return the items.
  3. The website lacks social media icons. During the research, its Facebook and instagram account was not found. The customers have not shared their views about Otteror Products.
  4. The scam advisor gives 36% ratings and called the website to be suspicious.
  5. The company’s history is not shared on the about us page. The contact address does not point to the location of the store. 

Is Otteror LegitThe store is new and likely to be suspicious. But it’s not our final statement as it’s too early to judge.

What is Otteror?

Otteror store offers a collection of fantastic crafty storage bags for children. The woven bags in attractive colours are provided to the buyers. The non-woven cloth bags are small in size and can be carried by kindergarten kids.

Moreover, it’s become easy to put the toys in the bag as they are spacious. Every storage bag is unique and has been made with amazing creative ideas by the company. Portable school kits are available on the site’s main page at an affordable price. Is Otteror Legit has not been known to us, so shopping from the store would be too early.

Specifications of Otteror

  • Type of site – Collection of storage bags for kids.
  • Return policy – 10 days are given to the buyers.
  • Email address –
  • Contact number – 7722305723
  • Address of the store – 1009 Nebraska St. Leesburg Florida 34748, United States.
  • Payment options – PayPal
  • Delivery timing -5-15 business days
  • Contact person – Shannon Korwek

Pros of Otteror

  • The store has an attractive collection of bags.
  • The mailing address contains the domain name.

Cons of Otteror

  • Otteror Reviews are not put down by any buyer till now.
  • The website fails to provide social media icons on its web page. Moreover, no social media presence was found during the research.
  • The scam advisor is warning all the customers as the store has a poor rating.
  • The store is new in the market and is available for a short interval.
  • Basic details of the company are missing on the about us page. By sharing a single payment option, the company is creating difficulty for the buyers to purchase items.

What are Otteror Reviews?

The domain is registered newly, so no customer has shared their opinions. The store lacks a social media presence, due to which we are unaware if the buyers like these storage bags. The portal needs time to become popular among the customers and get comments.

Due to certain negative flaws, it will not attract many customers in the future. Moreover, buyers do not show interest in shopping from the short time registered domain. 

No comments are available online for Otteror Store.


At the end of the article, we are unable to judge Is Otteror Legit. The store is suspicious and new. Many customers are not aware of Otteror products. The website has shared insufficient information with us. The products are attractive and draw our attention, but by viewing the red flags, we are not encouraged to use Otteror store to shop items.

We do not suggest readers to shop storage bags from the Otteror store. Please wait for a while so that it can get some reviews. By the time, it would be safe to rely on some other portal for shopping storage bags. 

What kind of storage bags do you want to have for your kids? Comment your views in the comment section available below.

4 thoughts on “Is Otteror Legit [Mar 2021] Read The Review Today!

  1. After buying from the store, the seller in PayPal is listed as “ELEMENTS ENTERPRISE CONSULTANT LIMITED”. Ordered an item on 3/232021 will see if it is delivered.

  2. I was purchasing a desk through Google. Many options were available through this company for under 100$. I assumed they were an online furniture company. I chose one and made my payment through PayPal. I have receipt and I started looking through the website, I noticed that it was a site selling storage bags. I tried to go back in to my account and view my order and it erased my account and can not find my order. They don’t sell desks, I can no longer find the links to what I bought. The email on this site is not valid, it claims it can not be delivered. The phone number is a fly by night number that they do not answer or respond to, and payments go to Hong Kong, not Florida where it says they are based. The payment went to “European Machinery & Materials Co., Limited ” which upon further research is a company in Hong Kong that has nothing to do with furniture or storage bags. This website is a SCAM, through and through. Now for the long battle of getting my money back through PayPal!

  3. No they are not legit! I paid for something and never got a conformation email so I tried calling and emailing them and it’s all fake. Only thing that’s real is the PayPal that takes your money.

  4. I placed an order on this website 3 days ago, I never received a confirmation email. I emailed them twice asking for assistance and have not received a response. I called the phone number listed also did not receive a response. Will be most likely try to cancel my order through my credit card company if I haven’t heard from them in a couple days.

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