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Blanketfly reviews 2020

Is Blanketfly Legit {Jan} Get Best Reviews Here! -> Read the content given to know about the reviews of  

Winters are approaching, and so does the need for blankets will also increase. So, let’s explore today.

We will have a brief look over this website in today’s content and will answer the most important. However, the common question Is Blanketfly legit, and we will also have a look over Blanketfly reviews to understand the website better.

As there are many sites available online that sell blankets at a cheap rate. But we must look for the site that provides us the products at an affordable price, gives discounts and deliver the products on time.

Canada winters are always at the peak across the United States, so people are always searching for the online sites for shopping for blankets that can provide them comfort. So, today we are here to help them out by exploring Blanketfly reviews.

Readers carry on your reading to know about this website.

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Is Balnketfly legit?

Before commenting on the legitimacy of the website, we searched this website online on various platforms. During the research, we came to know that this website was registered on 15 October 2020, which means that the website is new.

The website does not share any contact details with the customers—neither an email id nor the address is given on the website. But the website has shared information about the products which are provided by them.

The website has social media presence as it has an instagram page and a Facebook page is also available. But the Facebook page of the site shares the posts of September but the website was registered on October. From this it is clear that the website has shared fake posts with the customers.

With the no contact details, no Blanketfly reviews available and fake posts, we can say that the website appears to be a scam.

But we must stay away from this website and should not purchase anything.

What is

It is an online website that sells fluffy, comfortable blankets, and pillows. The website has various colors of blankets that aim to provide comfort and peaceful sleep at night.

The website also offers a Black Friday discount, which provide 50% off on our purchase. The website has also shared its return and refund policy with the customers. Shipping details are also available on the site.

The website allows the customers to return the product if they are not satisfied as customer satisfaction is the priority of the company.

To know more about this site, let’s have a look over its specifications.

Specifications of

  • Type of website – an online site that sells blankets and pillows.
  • Payment options – Google pay, VISA, AMEX, JCB
  • Return – within 30 days after receiving product.
  • Refund – available
  • Contact number – Not available
  • Company email address – Not available
  • Company address – Not available

Pros of using

  • It offers a wide range of fluffy blankets at affordable prices.
  • The website provides the facility of refund.

Cons of using

  • The website gives no contact details.
  • The website is new.
  • Blanketfly reviews are not available.

What are people saying about

The website was registered on 15 October 2020. Since the website is new due to which people have not shared their reviews online. The website has a social media presence, but no reviews are available there.

As the website is new so customers should wait for some moment so that this website gets some review.


This online site provides chunky knit blankets that are soft and gentle. The blankets offered by the site are multipurpose. The website has shared a brief description of the blankets. The site has shared information about the shipping policy as well as the return and refund policy. It has also mentioned its terms and conditions so that customers can’t face any issues later on.

The site has not shared the contact details. Moreover, Blanketfly reviews are not available yet. The Facebook page of this site has fake posts. These are some adverse facts that were highlighted during the research, which help us generate the opinion that the website looks scam.

But it’s too early to give final verdict about this site. So, I suggest that they should not purchase anything from this website for this moment. It’s my suggestion to the customers to stay away from this site.

0 thoughts on “Is Blanketfly Legit {Jan} Get Best Reviews Here!

  1. I ordered from this site which was not acting properly. I didn’t get a confirmation but my account was charged. I emailed them (there is a support email on the site) and they did not show me placing an order. My bank reversed the charges. I have them the benefit of the doubt because I was having problems with the site. I replaced the order for the only size chunky knit blanket they offer, KING SIZE for $49.99. What a deal, right? I’m assuming since they only offer one size they must be advertising the one size on their site. Dumb assumption. A fees after placing the order I start to think about it, no where does the site give dimensions of this king size blanket so I email again. They are always very quick to respond in less than 24 hours. They tell me 100cm x 120cm. I am a short 4’-10” woman. That wouldn’t even cover all of me. 39”x48” (roughly) is not even a large throw blanket. I told them to cancel my order as it had not shipped. Days went by without a response now. I received confirmation my order shipped today. Convenient they got so busy they didn’t get that one email I sent to cancel. Ugh!!! They do take returns but not on Sale items so I am wondering if they will co spider this a sale item since it’s a special offer?
    I guess if I had to say something good, if I actually wanted the blankets, they did ship out in 6 days (free shipping) and they were responsive until I wanted my money back. I wonder how much it will be to ship them back?

  2. This is a Rip Off. I bought a king size blanket and a small ball of fuzz showed up month later. Came from China. Awful. Didn’t get half the order either.

  3. Total rip off. Do not waste your money. It took a month to be delivered and roughly 42 inches by 48 inches. It is the size of a baby blanket. I threw mine over an ottoman for my cats to sleep on. Too embarrassed to give as Christmas gifts.

  4. This Is a JOKE !!! Not sure what Barbie doll house there making king size Blankets For buts it’s not the Real world. Ordered back in November and thought this would make a nice Christmas gift I should get a couple. Thank God I only got 1 to try them out. What a JOKE. Dec 2 I get told it’s shipped. 7-10 I will have it and have a tracking number. 11 days later no blanket so I go on there tracking. The damm thing says it’s in China still so I email them. Get a response and told it’s in transit another 10-15 days. So now it’s 1 1/2 mths one something that takes 7-10 days once shipped.
    January 2021 what shows up!!!!! A SMALL Bag the mailman can’t fit in my mail box. Confused what this is cause I’m not waiting on anything but a King size blanket I Open it up to see. Well I almost Died. Wtf is this 1st it the Worst feeling ever the marital is so cheap. 2nd they forgot 90% of the blanket my Granddaughters baby blanket it Bigger then this piece of shit. I email this company right away to blast them and ofcourse now they will Not respond back. Never Again you can’t trust anything anymore these Days.

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