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Parlor-Review Reviews {Nov} Know About The Social App! >> Read the news article to learn about a talking social media app Parlor to connect people globally.

In the era of social media, people have started to “chat” rather than make calls. But for better communication, calling is necessary. Read Reviewsand learn about the first “social talking network” app that connects people who want to talk right now.

The Parlor is a social media app that helps people from the United Statesand other nations to talk and have real-time private conversations. One can maintain the connection with its messaging platform.

It provides exciting topics to talk about for different ages and gender of people to make new friends. It is 100% free to download and extremely easy to create an account.

What is Parlor?

Among all the chatting based social media apps, Parlor is one of a unique kind through which people can talk to anybody, either strangers or group of friends.

You just have to pick a topic, and it will connect you to another user in real-time within a few seconds. Social Mediais an easy-to-use app, which also helps to reconnect with your friends with its messaging feature.

Celebrities participate in the app to connect with their fans in the United States and other parts of the globe. They talk every day to them and can also update the latest posts on their message boards.

Parlor and the story behind it

The social media talking app was founded in 2013 by the CEO and founder Joel Schwartzwhose mission was to rejuvenate the forged friendships over social media texting.

He felt people ceased to have phone conversations with the overgrowing social media apps and created a massive gap in real communication. Therefore, Joel Schwartz, with, came up with an app that solves this problem.

The first and only verbal talking network app has its name- Social Media– originated when the founder organized a Parlor meeting. He researched the meaning of the word, and that’s what it’s all about.

What are users saying?

With more than 6 million users, the app has received mixed reviews from its users. The talking app connects both android and iOS users, but there have been many complaints by android customers.

They find trouble in creating their account and with the volume of the audio played in it. Many people wanted to set up their photos, which isn’t possible until it is from Imgur.

However, few users are satisfied and like the new concept in the Reviews. They are enjoying talking with random people but have also suggested a few changes and updating it.


The Parlor is the first app of its kind, which allows its users to make a call and have a one-on-one conversation directly. It is free to use and doesn’t charge for international calls too.

It has been serving for seven years now and has gained positive and negative reviews from its customers. It needs a few changes on the technical level and concept wise.

Most people have issues with this app and its customer care response, which they should fix immediately. According to Reviews, people should look into the app details and be alert from strangers while connecting. Please share your personal experience with the app in the comment section below.

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