Is Amazon 30th Anniversary Celebration Scam (March) Read

Is Amazon 30th Anniversary Celebration Scam smoothcreationsonline

Is Amazon 30th Anniversary Celebration Scam (March) Read >> Please read this article which talks about a scam link that claims to offer a prize at the anniversary celebration of a portal.

Are you aware of the topic Is Amazon 30th Anniversary Celebration Scam? If the answer is yes, then this article is for you, where you will get complete facts relating to the news. This news has created huge curiosity among the people of the United Kingdom and India.

According to the corporation’s other very latest stats, WhatsApp is among the most popularly utilized conversation mobile apps, particularly in India, and it has more than 500 million users. 

Even so, the app seems to have its series of challenges, such as false information, malware, and fraud texts intended to trick people.

What is Amazon 30th Anniversary Scam?

For knowing more, you need to go through Is Amazon 30th Anniversary Celebration Scam. As per a study even by the realization web page Newsletter, the viral message that people receive as a forward on WhatsApp is untrue, as verified by Amazon’sAmazon’s customer support. 

The fraudulent post appears to have been text-free; however, the “full version” of the public channel keeps saying “Amazon 30th anniversary event.” However, it contributes to a deceitful URL — and that is most undoubtedly not even an Amazon platform. 

Latest Update: Amazon 30th Anniversary Celebration Scam

Users who visit the site are chosen to take to either a site that looks similar to the online webpage and informs them that the company has given away a Huawei Mate Pro 5G at spontaneous to a million fortunate customers.

To know more, you have to stay with us and follow Is Amazon 30th Anniversary Celebration Scam.

Even so, it informs almost every respondent that they should have managed to win the mobile phone and afterward addresses a few “regulations” that subscribers should therefore take to assert their award.

How does it work?

The fraudulent webpage instructs subscribers to “inform five groups or twenty mates” about the promotional activities, after which they join everyone’s phone number and install software, as well as the gift, would be “produced within 5-seven days.”

Giving confidential info on these webpages can result in data loss and financial fraud, so users are recommended never to install any software or enter their details on any unspecified web pages, particularly upon following a link they get online.

To get complete details about it, you must scroll the article Is Amazon 30th Anniversary Celebration Scam to the end.

How to check the authenticity of such a message?

While clicking on the provided link, you will get redirected to a site that is almost similar to the home page of Amazon, but the menu option does not work.

After the survey, you have to enter your address and then share the link to your whatsapp to obtain the award, usually done by several scam sites. So it is advisable to stay away from such links. 

Final Verdict:

Lastly, we can conclude about Is Amazon 30th Anniversary Celebration Scam that it seems to be a fake link, so it is better to do efficient research before trusting such a connection. 

As per different news sources, Amazon customer service also confirmed that they had given an offer. They urged people to remain cautious and inform them whenever they receive such fake links.

What is your view about this scam?  Kindly mention it in the comment section.

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