Is Adidas 70th Anniversary Scam (March) Check The Facts!

Is Adidas 70th Anniversary Scam 2021

Is Adidas 70th Anniversary Scam (March) Check The Facts! >> This article carries information about scams offer news and how we protect ourselves from this, so read it to the end.

Adidas is a popular multinational shoe company in various countries like in the United Kingdom, India. Recently Adidas is celebrating its 70th anniversary and giving free shoes to women on women’s day. In this article, we find that Is Adidas 70th Anniversary scam, so read this article to be aware of these scams and know why these types of scam are moving around these days on the internet.

Let’s know about Adidas.

Adidas is a German shoe company founded in July 1924(as Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik) and renamed on 18 August 1949 as Adidas by Adolf Dassler and Rudolf Dassler. It’s headquarter is situated in Herzogenaurach, Germany.

Nowadays, Adidas is very popular among people, and so many fake social media handles are running. From these handles, scammers spread the humor that Adidas is celebrating its 70th anniversary, and they are giving free shoes to women on the occasion of women’s day.

But some users are finding out that Is Adidas 70th Anniversary scam? But the research states that no such types of offers are available on any Adidas official social media handle.

You can also visit Adidas’s official website to get more information.

Why is a scam happening?

 In the digital world, the whole world is connected with the internet. We are moving to a digital world where you can do very many things via the internet. This thing helps a lot, but on the other hand, there are many drawbacks also like these days scammers are very active to scam people. 

Many users are confused that Is Adidas 70th Anniversary Scam and what its impact. Scammers give you fake offers in the name of big multinational companies. There are various types of scam social media platforms like they ask you for money as an application fee for providing you a job in MNC, some of them provide you expensive products at cheap prices.

So when you click on the link given to get such offers, Scammer may steal people’s personal information, money, and hacking account. So you have to be aware of these types of scams going around social media these days, and don’t share these types of offers with your family, friend, or anyone. These types of offers are 100% scam like we discussed in Is Adidas 70th anniversary scam.


Multinational companies like Adidas will post such things on their social media handles if they have to give an offer, but we find nothing as such on their social media handles. These offers are only a trick to fool people. There are so many of these types of cases being reported nowadays. 

So don’t hurry to grab these kinds of offers. You must have to check and verify whether that is legit or not?

We provide you a brief knowledge about the scam. Read this article to know Is Adidas 70th Anniversary Scam if you want more information about such scams moving around or anything related to this comment below in the comment section. 

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