Adidas 70th Anniversary Scam {Mar} Read About The Scam

Adidas 70th Anniversary Scam 2021
Adidas 70th Anniversary Scam -> Read the below article to know about the latest WhatsApp scam.

Are you seeing the “Addidas free shoes” messages on your WhatsApp? Recently the old trend of Adidas 70th Anniversary Scam has taken over the market yet again. People are getting messages on WhatsApp regarding free shoes from Adidas. 

This scam is back all over the world yet again, especially in the United Kingdom. We highly recommend you to know more about this scam before falling into its trap. Know everything about this scam before forwarding this message. Never click on the malicious URL before knowing in detail what the scam is about and how it is irritating people.

 This scam was very famous last year almost all over the world. But this year the scam is back and people are falling into the trap yet again. Keep on reading the article to know more about it in detail.

What Is Adidas 70th Anniversary Scam?

Recently there is a scam going on in the market especially in the United Kingdom. In this scam, you will receive a message on WhatsApp which says that you have to forward the message to a few people and click on the link to get the free shoes. But we highly recommend you to not fall into this trap. 

This scam could be dangerous for you. Adidas is offering no such offers to the people. The link asks for the personal information of the user. If you provide your personal information, there is a chance that your data will be issued by the site. 

According to Adidas 70th Anniversary Scam, the URL is not clicked or should not be shared with others. The personal data provided by the users could be misused

How To Not Fall In This Scam

If you receive any message like this, all you need to do is just ignore the message. Do not share it with others. The fun part of this scam is that it asks the users about their shoe size to make this deal look legit. 

The same scam was going on in the market regarding the deals on Amazon and Flipkart. People fell into this trap earlier. Adidas 70th Anniversary Scam is fake and should not be trusted.

Users Reviews

There is no such trend or discount that is offered to people by the big companies. This kind of offers is not to be trusted as no reputed organization would announce the discount or sale on a random Whatsapp message.

 People fell into this trap and got themselves fooled. Their personal information got issued but now everyone is getting to know what the real deal is and this message is a scam.

Final Verdict

Are you receiving fake sale messages from Adidas? Have you opened the link and forwarded it to various people on Whatsapp? We highly recommend you not to do anything like this. This Adidas 70th Anniversary Scam is fake. It leads to a webpage where the site asks for your personal information. Further, this information can be misused by various people. If you like the article, you can let us know in the comments section.

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