Scam (Oct 2020) Some Facts! Scam (August 2020) Some Facts! Scam (Oct 2020) Some Facts! >> The article includes information related to the website that shows how to earn money quickly.

From the past few months, during the pandemic time, lots of people lost their jobs, and most of them are searching for a new one. It is the most sensitive time, and if any unemployed seek a window of earning, he/she will move towards that window. In this article, we will be going to tell you about Scam.

There are several fake online job portals in the United States actively fooling people by offering a high paid salary job. They ask to pay a fee as their service charges and cheat the unemployed; they take the money and run away. In this situation, you must pay more attention and apply only to the legit portals.

As most of the time, the scammers succeeded in fooling people, but a slow increase in awareness shows a positive sign. Few searches are growing on Scamwhich shows that people wanted to know about it, as maybe it is creating a buzz.

What is is a website that promises to make you earn $50,000 every month. The website claims that if anyone seeking a job can register, it will be a work from home. The says that you don’t have to do marketing, selling, or cold calling. And the people are confused about it, whether it Scam or legit.

For earning through, the visitors have to fill-up all the details like name, email id, and phone number. According to the website, they have some automated generate system used to earn money; they say it as an outsourced income generation.

The Work Process

We researched this platform in depth after submitting the details a page is opened. A man named Joe from the United States who is initiating the program wrote its testimony and introduced himself as the man who can tell you how you can earn money. We saw several checks posted on that page. All are of $7000, claiming that the bank check belongs to those who joined the program.

The web page also included several videos where each individual showed that they received their first check of around $7000. A link is provided on that page where it is asked to join the webinar where Coach Joe will tell you about the whole process, and marketing. They were also giving video CD’s for training purposes and mentioned that they call Coach Joe after reading all the points. You can again ask your query; a number is also mentioned.


As we analyzed every point of aspects related to the website, we understand that it is a marketing strategy of a person name Joe (If it’s his real name). Where the members will be asked to generate lead and sell products on behalf of the company, stores, or whatever, and in return, you can earn a fair amount. 

But there are no strategies, and a legit way is revealed to understand that Scam or an authentic way of earning money. It’s suspicious, and not seems a legit one, people should avoid such websites. Kindly send your suggestions on the comment section.

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