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Greensboro Unemployment Scam (Aug) Let Us Read About It!!

Greensboro Unemployment Scam

Greensboro Unemployment Scam (Aug) Let Us Read About It! >> This article will tell you about a case where a woman charged guilty for the unemployment scam.  

Greensboro Unemployment Scam: People have been using clever tricks and techniques to fool government agencies and scam them for money. Some people are continually exploiting some schemes which are released for the benefit of everyone. 

These schemes include the Unemployment Scheme, which provides relief to anyone who currently does not have a job. Ever since the release of this scheme, people have been claiming false unemployment to get financial support from the government. 

Keep reading this post as we’re going to reveal all essential and relevant details about this scam. This scam took place in the United States. A woman who had claimed false unemployment to get money from the government has been discovered. She will face trial in court as she has scammed the government for a significant amount of money.

What is Greensboro Unemployment Scam?

This scam is popularly called the Greensboro Unemployment Scam. In 2005, Deidre Pearson reported unemployment and no income to N.C. Employment Security Commission which is responsible for providing financial support to unemployed people

It was discovered that, infact, she had earned a small amount of money at that time. She claimed to have made no money from May to July 2005, which turned out to be false. She took advantage of the unemployment scheme in that period. According to the court documents, she is facing ten fraud charges in the United States, and her case will be tried in court.

What is ESC saying about this scam?

N.C. Employment Security Commission has responded publicly about the Greensboro Unemployment Scam. Larry Parker, a spokesperson of the Commission, made the following remarks:

  • Larry Parker expressed disappointment towards the long time it took for the summons to get delivered.
  • He also pointed out that the unemployment scam has been on a massive rise in the past few years. 
  • He claimed to be unable to determine the amount they were being scammed of annually.
  • He also revealed that ESC does a considerable amount of research and crossmatching if the beneficiary fails to inform about new employment.
  • If the person who’s found to have claimed false unemployment refuses to pay back the amount, they will face a trial in the court.
  • The punishment for such scams has also been made severe.
  • If the scammed amount is more than $400, the person stands to spend time in prison. If the amount is lesser, he’ll be charged with a misdemeanor.

Final Verdict

As responsible citizens of our country, we should never take part in scams like this. People have scammed specific schemes which are made for the welfare of people. By doing this, they deny the people in need of this scheme and its benefits.

The Greensboro Unemployment Scam is a similar case. The accused woman will stand trial, and if declared guilty, will face a punishment justifying the magnitude of her crime. 

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