How Many Private Prisons Are in the Us (Jan) Know It

How Many Private Prisons Are in the Us 2021

How Many Private Prisons Are in the Us (Jan) Know It -> Do you want to know some facts about private prisons? Here is the article sharing information about it.

How Many Private Prisons Are in the Us Are you also thinking about it? The United States is a country of justice where people are punished for their crimes. Putting the criminal behind bars is one of the ways to provide justice. In this article, we will try to find out about the private prisons available in the country. We will see how private prisons have been increased from 2000 to 2016. 

If you are eager to know about these facts, then stay with us. Let’s see how the demand of private prisons varies as the year passes by.

How Many Private Prisons Are in the Us?

Private prisons are owned by a third party that are indirectly linked with the agency of government. In 2000, the population of people imprisoned in private prisons was increased by 39%. The sudden rise was seen in 2012 when more than one lakh people were put in personal custody. 

Twenty-eight states use private prisons, which are run by Geo Group and CoreCivic. The first state who made use of private prisons was Texas in 1985. Political influences play a significant role in the growth of private prisons. As per the static report, we have found the answer to How Many Private Prisons Are in the Us? In 2013, approximately 133000 prisoners were kept in private prisons, containing 8.4% of the prison population.

Profit earned by Private Prisons

Donald Trump gains a massive profit with the private prisons, and the policies initiated by him has lead to an increase in the number of migrants in custody. According to it, all people were forced to follow federal immigration laws. Those who do not have documentation are put in prison irrespective of how long they live in the United States. There are more than 54000 immigrants who are in jail in about 200 custody centres. 

By providing a rigid immigration policy, the demand for private prisons was increased rapidly in 2016. The Geo Group and CoreCivic are two companies that earn profit with the rise in private prisons. So, the increase in private prisons every year forces people to know How Many Private Prisons Are in the Us.


The rise in the private prison was only due to the immigration policies imposed by the president. The companies earned profitably by giving improper care and treatment to the immigrants. The for-profit prisons are paid for every prisoner that they kept in their custody. 

By analyzing the reports, we found that the policies enforced by the president have profited the company. We have also discussed some figures that will help you know How Many Private Prisons Are in the Us. Some other factors decide the growth of private prisons we have tried to explore them. If you want to know more about it, then analyze the data provided by different surveys.

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