Stopmedicaldiscrimination. com (Jan) Against Racism!


Stopmedicaldiscrimination. com (Jan) Against Racism! -> It’s time to fight for your civil rights and stop being part of forceful experiment vaccines. If you want to stop, then read this post to give your support.

Have you ever experienced racism by the healthcare department and doctors? If yes, then there are many ways to talk about your racism story, or you can file a case against that doctor who has discriminated against you.

If you are ready to stop this racism and discrimination behavior in the United StatesCanada, and the United Kingdom, then reach out to and sign the petition.Read this post and find out more about the racism petition.

What is

It is a website designed to “stop discrimination in the healthcare industry” with a petition to “stop forced experimental vaccines.” Currently, 297,824 people have signed the petition worldwide, such as in the United StatesCanada, and the United Kingdom. You will find “protect medical privacy” report asking for your support to stop discrimination on this website.

This petition’s ultimate goal is to fight for civil rights and stop being forcefully intimidated by experimental vaccines. It doesn’t matter you are black or white; everyone has the right to live as they want. And no one has the right to violate your body in any circumstances, including personal life, airline, governmental services, and more.We all deserve equal medical care and safety measures. If you also believe in this fact and want to support this genuine petition, then visit

Why are certain groups of people getting different care?

In the healthcare department, every patient is the same, no matter gender, transgender, and color of the given patient. But the saddest truth is that the healthcare department makes a difference between the people due to their color. Well, doctors take an oath to treat everyone equally, but why the difference?

We know that discrimination usually happens in the political, social, and economic structure of the society. With majorities, racism and prejudice result in education, food, behavior, and housing. But in healthcare, discrimination is highly increasing. Hence, it’s time to stop it by signing the petition on

We all black people have the right to live and take equal healthcare facilities as whites. We can fix it by just adding our support to this best petition and get our rights. Sometimes, doctors face racism by being of different caste such as Indians, Muslims, Sikhs, etc.

In the world, people have equal rights to live and take advantage of the government’s facilities. This petition will talk about your support to stop racism in healthcare. The black people are not like tissue to use them for experiments. They have their families, heart, and right to live like whites. 

The bottom Line

People who have faced racism in hospitals and clinics because of color and caste should fight for themselves. The Petition “stop forced experimental vaccine” has been signed by more than thousands of people, and it’s your turn to stop this and spread equality in the world. Visit and enter your details to become part of this fight. Do share your thoughts on discrimination in comments and petition.

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