A Complete Guide to Buying Heavy-Duty Steel Barricades for Crowd Control

Heavy-Duty Steel Barricades Online Product Review

Properly installed heavy-duty barricades are often the best way to go when managing large crowds on public streets, parks, and other areas. They allow for more flexibility than simple barriers or stanchions besides indicating where people should gather (or not gather).

While many people who work in security or crowd control have a good idea of managing a crowd, getting the proper barricades in place can be challenging. Whether you are new to this kind of work or have experience with it, here is a guide that will help you get started and when to buy barricades.

What is the Purpose of the Barricades?

Many people get caught up in what kind of barricade is best for them, but they forget that no two installations are alike. Therefore, having barriers means taking into account a selection process. For instance, if your barricades are used as part of a strike, you will need different equipment compared to barricades used for crowd control at a music festival.

  • Type of Access Needed

The most significant difference between different installations, other than their purpose, is how much access people need. For example, if your barricades surround a construction site, you probably do not need too much access. On the other hand, pedestrians will need to pass through them if they are being used to shut down public roads.

  • Risk factor

When purchasing security items like metal crowd control barriers, there are always concerns about theft or destruction. No matter what the barrier is being used for, it would be best if you considered whether or not there’s a risk of it getting damaged or stolen. It will help determine the materials you need and how much they cost.

  • The Crowd’s Size

It is always tricky to know how many people will show up at an event, but you can always estimate. After all, if ten people show up for a construction site, there is no need to buy a massive amount of crowd control barriers. On the other hand, if it is a music festival, they are going to need enough barriers and stanchions to keep everyone safe and help them get out of the area quickly in the case of an emergency.

  • The Type of Installation

There are two main types of installation when it comes to installation: 

  1. Temporary 
  2. Permanent

A permanent installation will stay up for extended periods (or permanently), while temporary structures are just that for using temporarily. Temporary installations are often more accessible because they do not need to be installed into the ground.

  • Visibility or Barricade

According to reports, the global barricades market is segmented into various types and applications according to product type like fixed and movable barricades. People often get caught up in which barrier is “best” for them, but there are two main options for crowd control: barriers and barricades.

The most significant difference between these two types is how much area they block off. Barriers only keep pedestrians from entering the space (or exiting it) and prevent them from seeing what is happening around them. On the other hand, barricades block off an area and don’t let people see through them.

  • Quality and Price

When it comes to all types of security items, you need to consider the quality and the price. You do not want a barrier or stanchion that looks nice but can easily be broken by a passerby, and you do not want an effective barricade that costs more than your budget allows. There is no perfect barricade or crowd control barrier; you need to choose the suitable options for your situation.

How Do Barricades Work?

It is essential to consider how each security item will work before you buy barricades. You will want something that fits with your budget and also your purpose. For example, if your barriers are being used for construction site security, having one big lockable cable is the best choice.

If they are used to keeping people out of a space at a music festival, you have multiple options that are all effective in their way.

Permits and Inspections

Depending on where you live, you may need to get a permit or have your barriers inspected before they are installed. Even if it is not required, you want to ensure that the barrier is sturdy enough for people to walk on without being too easy to break.

It is essential if your barriers are going around construction sites where people tend to lean on them or prop themselves up. No matter what type of barriers you purchase, you need to ensure that they are sturdy and safe. 

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