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Greyboom Clippers Reviews (July 2020) Is It Legit Or A Scam?

Greyboom Clippers Reviews 2020

Greyboom Clippers Reviews (July 2020) Is It Legit Or A Scam? >> In this article, we are informing you about a wireless hair clipper or trimmer.

Do you believe the reason for a perfect look for your hair or beard is your luck? You might not depend on your luck once you have a look at Greyboom Clippers of the United States!!

You must be very careful while cutting your hair or beard as the margin of error is very tiny in case of these matters. One single mistake would make you a joke for friends and family for a very long time! Thus it is essential to be careful while cutting or trimming the hair. 

With so much workload, it has been difficult to visit the salon and shape your beard or hair; it is both time consuming and waste of money. So a perfect hair clipper or trimmer is the solution for all your man problems. 

We stumbled upon the Greyboom Clippers, so thought of sharing its product review with our handsome readers and helping them out to get their desired look at home!! In this Greyboom Clippers Reviews, we will enlighten you about the product and its authenticity. 

We will not only share the product specifications but also help you decide whether to use the product or not by answering your questions like should I purchase Greyboom Clippers? Or Is Greyboom Clippers Legit? 

What are Greyboom Clippers? 

Greyboom Clippers are the hair trimmers produced by the United States-based online store Greyboom. You can purchase the hair clippers from its website at a reasonable price of $29.98. You can find the different colors of the same product on the site and choose them according to your preferences. 

These clippers are unique because of their specifications, which will be written below in this Greyboom Clippers Review. The website seems very user friendly and professional, so you might not find difficulties in purchasing the product. Let’s have a look at its features to know more about the product. 

Specifications of Greyboom Clippers

  • Product to buy from URL-–save-50–off–2020-new-cordless-zero-gapped-trimmer-hair-clipper—men-s-gift
  • Product Price- $29.98 
  • Product Warranty- Three years
  • Color- Gold, Silver, and Black
  • Battery Capacity- 700mAh
  • Working Time- 120 minutes
  • Charge Time- Two hours
  • Size- 1.3 inch(L) 5.9 inch (H)
  • T-outliner skeleton cordless quality
  • Sharp R shaped blade
  • Lithium battery
  • Ergonomic design
  • No noise 

Pros of Greyboom Clippers

  • Greyboom Clippers are wireless.
  • They have an extended warranty period.
  • It has a user-friendly lithium battery and easy to use. 
  • It has a powerful rotary motor and a carbon steel T- blade. 

Cons of Greyboom Clippers

  • Greyboom Clippers take a long time to charge itself. 
  • They might provide fake claims as the website is new and has registration on 18.05.2020 (less than three months).

How does Greyboom Clippers Work? 

You will get a few accessories with the clipper, such as shaving lubricant, cleaning brush, USB cable, guide combs, and adapter. You will also find a manual that would help you to use the product correctly. After charging the clipper properly, you can use it to shape your beard or hair according to your preferences. 

 Is Greyboom Clippers Legit? 

The product and its specifications seem very genuine, and one can use it for a dashing look, but there are many suspicious things on the website, which make us, question its legitimacy. Is Greyboom Clippers Legit? Or are these claims trustable? 

There may be doubt that the product would be great for you, but we can never trust a brand new website when it comes to online shopping. Apart from that, there are several fake pieces of information regarding the company’s contact details. You will also see a fake ‘about us’ page, which is a lot similar to other fraud websites recently found in the United States. This states that Greyboom Clippers is a SCAM product.

What are people saying about Greyboom Clippers?

We found several customer reviews on the official website of Greyboom, but like other essential information, those reviews also seem to be fake ones. We were also unable to find any Greyboom Clippers Reviews on the internet, so we cannot say about people’s perception of the product and the website. 

Final Verdict

All said and done, we have mentioned every aspect of the product in this review; now it is your choice whether to trust this site with so many drawbacks or not. If in case, you have already purchased from the website, please feel free to write down your experience in the comment section below to help others.


  1. I havent received a confirmation order number or anything and I placed my order the 19th which was sunday

    1. The 2 charger cable that they send do not fit , i can charged it with my Mac air cable , but the clipper does not work still .
      When i want to returned it , the address is in Chia , and they do not pay for shipment , so you are stuck with something that you can not use .
      They offer 50% refund without returning the merchandize , i have to accept is , no other way out

  2. I placed an order over a month ago and received NOTHING.
    Angry and disappointed potential consumer

  3. I ordered some and received them in about two weeks….biggest rip off ever , they won’t shave the hair off your arm let alone your head. And they won’t even give you a return address….so I’m stuck with a pair of useless clippers _ _ _don’t buy them

  4. I ordered some and received them in about two weeks…..biggest rip off ever, they won’t shave the hair off of your arm , let alone your head. And to top it off they won’t give you a return address . So I’m stuck with a pair of useless clippers, In short …..”DON’T BUY THEM”

  5. I Ordered on July 20,2020 and have not received the Clippers Yet! I understand the mailing delays because of the Virus, but next week will be 30 days and I’m still waiting .They say mailing 12-20 days.I wish I had read Reviews first before ordering.
    Not Happy!!!

  6. Place my order on the 6 or 7 of August haven’t received shipping information yet. I have the ability to contact the better business bureaus, and the FBI

  7. I ordered the clippers $35.00was taken out of my debit card on July 20th I have yet to receive what I ordered and paid for.

  8. I purchased these clippers last month for my husband after seeing the promos on instagram and Facebook. The way the adverts presented the product was as if they would give the cleanest cut/trim without any effort. It’s absolutely a SCAM!! These clippers did not deliver at all. After trying to line my husband up, there was still a lot of hair that it did not shave off. I wanted a refund since it was obvious false advertisement and was told by Greyboom they can take a percentage off or if I returned them I would have to pay $20 shipping fee. DO NOT PURCHASE. It’s TRASH!!!!!!!!

  9. Greyboom is a crap company with deceptive and misleading practices. Apparently, I’m an idiot for buying based on social media marketing. When I opened the package and saw the clippers, I immediately felt like my head turned into a lollipop like on the old cartoons because I was definitely a SUCKER. The clippers on the add were a solid finish and looked like they had some weight to them. The pair that arrived looked like a drugstore unit that your lady uses to take care of her personal hygiene. When I used them, they were weak. I contacted customer service about returning them…they apologized for my dissatisfaction and offered to refund me 20% of the $35.97 that I paid ($29.98+$5.99). I reminded the rep that their refund policy says a full refund, no questions asked. She tells me that I can have a full refund once I pay over $20 to return the clippers to China, they receive them in approximately a month, they inspect them, and if they are to their satisfaction, I can have my refund. I told them that was BS so they then offered me 50% refund. I accepted the refund and then told them that they are crap company that is deceptive. This was after she asked me to post a positive comment about them and to recommend their site to my friends and family. Buyer beware!

  10. I ordered 27th July I haven’t had them delivered yet we are in September I still don’t have my clippers!! VERY ANGRY AND DISAPPOINTED!!

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