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Tomatopizza Reviews (July 2020) Is This Legit Website?

Tomatopizza Reviews 2020

Tomatopizza Reviews (July 2020) Is This Legit Website? >> Are you looking for Bluetooth gaming controllers? Then read this review. 

Are you an avid gamer and hate the restrictions that come with the regular wire attachment controllers? Then you may adore the Bluetooth controllers on Tomatopizza.

Controllers are an essential part of online gaming, and the ones that can be connected with your PC or other devices via Bluetooth ensure comfort. You could be lounging comfortably on your bed or sofa, a couple of feet away from the PC or television set. 

These are available at affordable prices, and this Tomatopizza Reviews gives insight regarding the Tomatopizza siteIt is based out of the United States and is a gamer’s delight as it offers a myriad of game set up options. 

However, its recent creation date will make customers wonder Is Tomatopizza LegitReading this review, you will provide relevant details to give the reader clarity. 

What is Tomatopizza? 

Tomatopizza is an online shopping site that mainly offers gaming systems, consoles, and accessories at reasonable prices. These gaming accessories and consoles are from famous brands like Nintendo, Sony, and Xbox. 

The layout of the website is easy to navigate around and make quick purchases. They are currently offering mega discounts on all the products. A Sony Play Station that was previously priced at $440 can be purchased for $87. This 80% discount is unbelievable! 

If you are a gamer and search for new consoles, gaming accessories or just a gift for your kid, you will love the selection that is up on the site.

The site possesses an all rights reserved stamp which is a good sign. But it has given all products, five stars even though customer comments are absent. The lack of customer reviews is due to the website created on the 19th of June 2020. 

Specifications of Tomatopizza

  • Product- Sony, Xbox gaming consoles/systems and accessories and Nintendo’s 
  • Website-
  • Email-
  • Phone number- (818) 404-0765
  • Shipping/processing time- not mentioned   
  • Delivery time- 1-5 weeks in the United States, 1-6 weeks worldwide 
  • Shipping fee- $10 for the United States, $40 for worldwide 
  • Return- 14 days from the day of receiving the package 
  • Exchange- Same policy as the returns followed 
  • Refunds- completed within 5 working days 
  • Online Payment- JCB, American Express, Master or Visa card and PayPal

Pros of purchasing from Tomatopizza

  • They provide multiple online payment options 
  • They ensure quick refunds are provided 
  • The products can be purchased at fantastic prices
  • Their products are perfect for gaming aficionados  
  • The contact information is complete

Cons of purchasing from Tomatopizza

  • The website has a less than the 6-month creation date 
  • The products are already rated five stars 
  • the product information is incomplete 
  • No customer reviews are available 
  • The site has no social media pages 

Is Tomatopizza Legit?

Day by day there seem to be more scam sites that one can count, they all seem to have a creation date which are all less than 6-month-old. They also do not provide clear contact information, or if it is provided, it is fake. Most of the scam sites are created with malicious intent. 

So, Is Tomatopizza Legit? The sites contact information is complete with a customer care phone number. They also have a padlock present, and this usually ensures that the customer’s information is not used without their permission. 

But Tomatopizza has a 19th June creation date, which means it was created recently and somewhat hurriedly so. It means it is best to wait for more online information regarding the site to pop up. 

Customer’s views of the Tomatopizza

The Tomatopizza Reviews has mentioned that this site was created less than a month ago and thus lacks any customer reviews. This United States site also lacks any social media pages, which makes it even more difficult to analyse its legitimacy. 

They have already given most of their products a 5-star rating, which does strike as something odd. The product information seems to be extremely vague, and a new customer may have to refer to the official sites of the products to gain clarity. 

They do provide multiple modes of online payment options, which is always a bonus. There is also the presence of an HTTPS connection, and these usually ensure the customer’s information is encrypted and secure. 

Final Verdict- 

Since the site has a very recent creation date and no customer reviews or even an online presence, it can be quickly established that the site is a scam! Thus, we do not recommend making purchases from this site. 

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