Gen the Corgi Meme (Feb) Know About The King Of Meme

Gen the Corgi Meme 2021

Gen the Corgi Meme (Feb) Know About The King Of Meme -> Are you looking for an exciting Meme of goof dog? Read the article and know the details.

Gen the Corgi Meme – Have you seen this Meme on social media? Nowadays, people of the Philippines are widely using the Meme. In today’s article, we will share Gen the Corgi’s details and will try to explore why it is becoming popular. 

The memes are generally funny and used to make our conversation attractive, so people love to use them a lot. Moreover, 2020 was the year of difficulties, and the Meme was the reason for people’s happiness. They always wait for new and latest Memes. Let’s explore Gen the Corgi.

What is Gen the Corgi Meme?

Gen is a goof dog of Japan, and he is a corgi boy with a tail; that is why it is named Gen the Corgi. He is very playful, active, and smart like all other corgi’s. The fantastic facial expressions that Gen makes in various situations make him different from all other dogs, and due to which it is becoming popular.

How has the Meme become popular?

Friends, this Meme has gain popularity all around the world. The instagram page of Gen the Corgi has 198 K followers. More than 500 posts of whimsical face expressions of Gen has been captured and shared with the people. 

The Facebook page of Gen the Corgi Meme has 17K followers. Many people have shared their views and likes over it.

Which expression can be used and when?

Let’s discuss some of the situations where you can use the fantastic facial expression of Goof dog.

  • If people of the Philippines had made plans to travel and move to their favorite destination but are stuck in the home due to lockdown, then the picture of Gen as a sakura fairy can be used.
  • If you are in a hurry to purchase things from the supermarket and are in a panic, then use the Gen meme in which he is running fast.
  • After enjoying a party with your friends, if you are tired, then enjoy the Gen the Corgi Meme with your friends in which he is laid down on the floor
  • The pouting face of Gen can be used when you are lonely in the home and feeling sad

So, these are some of the situations where we can share Meme of Gen, and there are more pictures of Gen that can be explored on the internet.


Gen is a king of all memes. He has a facial expression for all situations. Whether we are sad, alone, and missing someone or we are enjoying, happy, and doing a party with the friends, we can use Corgi’s Meme to express what we feel. 

The smile of Gen motivates us never to give up and remain happy. All pictures of Gen the Corgi Meme are fantastic. 

Guys, which picture of Gen you love the most? Share your views in the comment section.

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