Drasony com Reviews {Feb 2021} Read Carefully To Decide!

Drasony com Reviews 2021

Drasony com Reviews {Feb 2021} Read Carefully To Decide! >> A luxurious bed set has been sold at heavy discount; however, it is worthy to spend money. Read.

Sleeping is essential for our body and mind’s right functioning. More sleepless nights can bring a high risk of getting health issues. Sleep prevents our body from malfunctioning; it is like medicine to do our daily work without stress.

Now sleep comfortably yet luxuriously. Are you wondering why luxuriously? An e-bedding shop is selling luxurious bedding set at a high discount rate.

Citizens of the United Kingdom are looking forward to getting information regarding their product. Let’s check Drasony com Reviews  and its lavish linen bedding set.

Overview of Linen Bedding set:

According to the seller site, the product is super soft for providing ultimate bedtime comfort. The duvet cover has silky soft plush fabric covered with soft, narrow, warm, and fiber that will provide people a feather-soft touch.

It is perfect for the winter season, as it has unique ‘Heat Circulation System’ that keeps the warmth inside, and the user will experience the perfect sleeping night. Plus, the velvety pillowcase will be your ultimate night partner. The pillow covers have a certain level of moisture absorption feature. Its trendy designer look with tassel lace can add extra elegance to your home décor.

Drasony com Reviews reveals the metalzip won’t scratch on your skin; the design has been made focusing on the ‘Skin Safety’ matter. It has a four-cornered strap for providing better grip and movement.

After Purchase Handling Instruction:

Users need to wash it with natural detergent, don’t wash it with bleaching detergent. People can machine wash it; try to dry it naturally, and you can iron it. Use the water below 30 degrees Celsius for washing purposes.


  • The product’s first availability date has not been provided.
  • The manufacturing material is Linen fabric.
  • The site offers various color options.
  • Four different size options are available.
  • Reviewing the Drasony com Reviews, we could various sizes as below.
  • Single size- 1 PC Duvet cover of 79 X 90 inches, 1 PC Bed skirt of 59 X 79 +18 inches, 1 PC Pillow of 19 X 29 inches.
  • Queen Size- 1 PC Duvet cover of 79 X 90 inches, 1 PC Bed skirt of 71 X 79 +18 inches, 2 PCs Pillow of 19 X 29 inches.
  • King Size- 1 PC Duvet cover of 87 X 94 inches, 1 PC Bed skirt of 71 X 79 +18 inches, 2 PCs Pillow of 19 X 29 inches.
  • Super King Size for Drasony com Reviews – 1 PC Duvet cover of 90 X 96 inches, 1 PC Bed skirt of 73 X 81 +19 inches, 2 PCs Pillow of 19 X 29 inches.

Advantages for Drasony com:

  • It is silky soft.
  • Duvet cover has unique heat suppressing feature.
  • Several color and size options are available.
  • The design is elegant, made up of premium linen fabric.
  • It has cornered strap for preventing movement.


  • The availability date is not provided.
  • No customers’ reviews and promotional events on social media.
  • The product has low popularity.

Is the product legit?

After going through the product minutely, we can declare that the product has not met the legitimacy criterion. First, there is no availability date mentioned; additionally, it has no Drasony com Reviews.

Plus, we could not see any activity of this on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. the facebook page shows permanently closed, we aren’t sure if it is relevant page. The site is also having a low trust score and popularity & was established on 24th December 2020. The product needed to be adequately researched.

What are customer’s reviews about the product?

We could not see any remarks from users outside the official website; plus, the product has not been sold on any other site. All five star reviews on the website makes it little dubious.

Conclusion regarding Drasony com Reviews:

The site claims the authenticity of the product and giving 50% off; however, there are so many missing legitimacy criteria. There is no user reviews on reliable sites; no social media advertisement proves that it has not been gained United Kingdom residents’ attention.

Additionally, a low trust score is also another red flag. The seller site also has low traffic and a poor trust index. Moreover, we got a Facebook page of this site; however, it has an inactive state, having no post & reviews.

Overall points indicate that our viewers must cross-check for this product and site before adding it to the cart.

Which is your favorite online bedding shopping site? Share your views on Drasony com Reviews below.

18 thoughts on “Drasony com Reviews {Feb 2021} Read Carefully To Decide!


  2. I too have ordered one and not yet received it, is it a scam, why can’t facebook check these people oy???!!!

  3. The site is fraudulant and has scammed many people, but facebook are allowing it to advertise for some reason

  4. I Fell for it, even got an email in response to say when it would be delivered? It’s a scam site, all messages sent to them undeliverable ???

  5. I placed an order which I never received. About 2 weeks from when I placed the order, I had not heard a word from them, I emailed to find out the status of my order and actually got a response attributing the delay to covid 19 and all that…..and they said it wouldn’t be long now from shipping. And its been 3wks now from when I last emailed them. I have sent another email now and what do you know…EMAIL ADDRESS NOT FOUND!!! I guess I was conned. My moneys gone. If only they knew how hard we work for every single penny. Anyway…….hope I have saved someone’s money.

  6. I ordered this bed linen, silly me. I am still waiting for it to come. I think Facebook needs to look at these scams plus the police may be interested too. I am going to go to my bank to get a refund if I can, it’s an absolute disgusting the way they are conning people out of money, isn’t that called fraud in England? I think it is and I will be reporting it.

  7. Ordered12th Feb 2 sets not received £50
    Email address invalid now, website cannot be read
    Will be asking my bank to refund

  8. I also ordered 2 of the cuddly duvet sets (double and single) £48 on 14th March 2021 and I haven’t received them
    They have now blocked my emails.
    Has anyone got any ideas on how to contact them and how to report this and of course a refund…. FACEBOOK should be held responsible for the scam and refund all its members who have been scammed ?

  9. Yes I was scammed also. Reported scam to the fraud agency via my bank. Trying to get my money back but not too hopeful

  10. Where’s my duvet covers ordered 2 paid for them in February give people their orders or money bk where’s the face book police now

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