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FEMA Hazard Pay 2800 (July) Let Us Talk About It!

FEMA Hazard Pay 2800 2020

FEMA Hazard Pay 2800 (July) Let Us Talk About It! >> In this article, we will tell you about a national emergency management agency.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is the United State agency created under Jimmy Carter, the former President of the US. It was implemented on April 1, 1979. This agency is under the jurisdiction of Homeland security. This agency’s main task is to assist in case of any emergency or disaster, as evident by the name. 

It coordinates a response to any disaster that has occurred in the US. They also sometimes pay the affected people some money. Recently, FEMA Hazard Pay 2800 went viral where users claimed FEMA was giving $2800 to those who were offering their services in this pandemic, it is however fake. Its services are far more helpful than local authorities due to the abundance of the resources at its disposal. However, to ask for their assistance, the governor of the state himself must request the President for their assistance. 

They provide relief from disasters and all kinds of hazards. Communities affected by any hazard are offered some grants under Hazard Mitigation. They ensure that the affected communities get correct and accessible information. Preparation for hazards is also one of their tasks.

What are some of the functions of FEMA?

The primary purpose of FEMA is to assist in case of any disaster. Under this, they have to perform a wide range of jobs and functions. The disaster relief system primarily provides the following support functions. The FEMA performs these functions with the cooperation of several other agencies.

  • FEMA primarily performs three types of tasks called Housing, Medical, and Property.
  • It provides temporary housing to affected victims or provides money if there’s no place to rent.
  • It also provides money to repair houses and some damages that aren’t usually covered by insurance.
  • The residents of the houses that are destroyed in the disaster are given money to build a new home.
  • They’re also responsible for building emergency housing sites.
  • They assist the medical personnel and also assist with the treatment and prescription for victims that suffer from any medical conditions.
  • All expenses like funeral expenses, dental bills, etc. are covered by them.
  • They’re also tasked with removing all the debris in the affected area.
  • They provide storage and transport facilities.
  • They also provide with expenses involved in moving.
  • They’re responsible for repairing public infrastructure, including roads, buildings, and sewer lines.

FEMA is responsible for handling all types of disasters. They offer grants to the affected individuals. A similar scheme called FEMA Hazard Pay 2800 recently went viral according to which FEMA was paying $2800 to health workers and other volunteers in the current pandemic, it is however false.

How has FEMA helped in Disaster Management? 

There have been several instances where the conditions might have worsened without the assistance of FEMA. In addition to disaster response, disaster preparation is also one of their tasks. 

  • They make hurricane-proof homes and help cities make buildings to make them safer in case of an earthquake, which has proven to be very useful in the past.
  • The Nisqually earthquake in 2001 in Washington would’ve caused a lot of damage if not for the retrofitted buildings present in the area, made by the assistance of FEMA.
  • During wars, they played a significant role in the preparation of a nuclear attack.
  • Currently, terrorism management is one of the most prominent duties of FEMA.

Some statistics about the services of FEMA

  • It has offered 1029 mitigation grants in 2020 alone.
  • A total of $7.8B has been awarded in the form of public assistance grants in the year 2020.
  • Two hundred eight disasters have been declared this year by States and counties.
  • It has assisted with 18 fire assistance in several states and counties.

FEMA: Role in Disaster Management

It’s a well-known fact that FEMA has played an instrumental role in all the disasters that have struck the United State since it was created. They have helped deal with and minimize the damage in several cases. 

They’ve helped recover from some of the most damaging disasters to have hit the country. They’ve helped the nation recover from some impossible situations.

Final Verdict

Disasters like earthquakes are unpredictable, and we cannot anticipate when one might hit us. So, the best thing to do is prepare for them in advance. FEMA is the agency charged with this task. 

They prepare for disasters and provide support in case of emergencies. They offer grants to the affected victims of the hazard.  The viral FEMA Hazard Pay 2800 scheme is however fake and there isn’t any such scheme.

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