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Accfc Electric Surfboard Reviews – Is Accfac Com Safe or Not?

Accfc Electric Surfboard Reviews 2020

Accfc Electric Surfboard Reviews – Is Accfac Com Safe or Not? >> This article is about an electric surfboard that is on sale and we will judge its legitimacy.

Are you a surfer and searching for Jet surfboard, which can make your summer more thrilling? Scroll down to Accfc Electric Surfboard Reviews, and you will get to read about the product below.

Summers are meant for thrill and adventures. If you are an adventure enthusiast, then it becomes mandatory to have the necessary equipment that can make your summer exciting with thrill. Today, we will discuss an electric surfboard that is made to make your summer more thrilling and adventurous.

This electric surfboard has brought a wave of thrill across the United State as it is the most popular electric jet surfboard among the people residing there.

But before moving ahead to this review, you might be thinking Is Accfc Electric Surfboard Legit or not? Okay, we have got this question also covered under this review.

What is the Accfc Electric Surfboard?

Accfc electric jet surfboard is here to make your summer more thrilling and has been gaining massive popularity in the United State. This electric surfboard, is made up of a non-slip material and has a triple air chamber with a double valve with a front handle design that completes grap-rope and oarlock. This electric surfboard has a load capacity of one person up to 90 kg. 

The rocket shape makes this electric surfboard easy to slide, and it also has two paddles mounted on it. This electric surfboard is a super waterproof jet board without any strange or unusual smell. 

It is entirely operated with a lithium-ion battery that lasts up to three to five hours of ride, and the battery takes up to one and a half hours to charge fully. You will get a free battery with this electric surfboard.


  • Front handle design – You can enjoy your summers in high wave sea or beaches with this electric surfboard, which has a front handle design that gives complete grip over the surfboard.
  • Rocket shaped surfboard – This electric surfboard is rocket-shaped, making it easier to move and slide in the waves. It makes this surfboard experience more exciting and thrilling.
  • Battery operated – This electric surfboard is entirely battery operated, and the lithium-ion battery takes up to one and a half hours to charge fully. 

Benefits of Accfc Electric Surfboard 

  • This electric surfboard can bear up to 200 pounds of weight.
  • The alternate speed from the battery lasts up to 50 minutes at 50 miles per hour.
  • Fast battery charging in just one and a half hours.
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Thirty days money-back guarantee.

Is Accfc Electric Surfboard Legit?

It is one of the most genuine questions of any customer before buying any product. Let us discuss the legitimacy of this electric surfboard, which is getting popular worldwide. 

This electric surfboard doesn’t seem to be a genuine product because it has many loopholes connected to it. The first and foremost lack of this product is that we couldn’t find any customer feedback or Accfc Electric Surfboard Reviews related to this Accfc Electric Surfboard.

Other than this, the product is not listed on the mainstream ecommerce website, which is a bad sign because similar products of different brands are listed on the various e-commerce websites and attracting potential customers. 

No mention of this product is available over the internet, or any social media handles, making this product suspicious in the eyes of potential customers.

Please read our Is Accfc Electric Surfboard Legit review to know more.

Customer’s Feedback on Accfc Electric Surfboard

During our research, we haven’t found a single Accfc Electric Surfboard Reviews of this product over the internet. 

We have done a lot of research over this product, and all we could find was the terrible trust index of the website on which this product is listed for sale. Any product needs to have its personal domain and sufficient customer reviews to attract the right traffic. 

As per our review, this product lies in the red zone and cannot be relied upon.

Final Verdict 

Although there are plenty of benefits and pros available, this product can be an attraction. Still, after analyzing this product, our review is loud and straight that this product is not genuine and doesn’t have any attractions like reviews or ratings. 

So in our opinion, it will be not a right decision if you buy this product as you will have to pay much more than the price of this Accfc Electric Surfboard.

Did you find Accfc Electric Surfboard Reviews helpful? If yes, then please comment your opinions below and let the world know your opinion about this product.

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