Factcheckzuk Com (Nov) A Controversy On Twitter

Factcheckzuk Com 2020

Factcheckzuk Com (Nov) A Controversy On Twitter -> Here, we have talked about a controversy that seems to happen on Twitter in recent times.

Recently there came up a piece of news where Twitter has summoned Tories where they tried to mislead the audience with their fast check foray. To collect more information about this news, you can visit the Factcheckzuk Com

This news is getting a lot of attention from people from the United States and Canada

What is this news all about?

According to the Factcheckzuk Com, Twitter has summoned the Conservatives party for misleading people just after rebranding their official party account. The party has received a lot of criticism on Tuesday Night. They have not temporarily changed the name of its campaign to FastcheckUK. Their Twitter page was followed by around 76,000 users. 

What is the U.K Electoral Commission statement regarding this matter?

According to the statements issued by the U.K. Electoral Commission, voters will get the transparent and integral response from all its voters in the United States and Canada

What warning does the issue by the Factcheckzuk Com?

According to Twitter, if the conservation party will again try to mislead the people by editing the verified profile information on Factcheckzuk Com, then it would lead to decisive corrective action. 

What happened after the debating session regarding this news?

Just after the conclusion of the debate for Factcheckuk.com, CCHQ has turned out to be a pumpkin. It has resumed itself to the original Conservative branding, and later it told about its true identity in the bio link. Though nothing had happened as such before, there are still a lot of companies that tend to work without facing any backlash. 

What were the things that Tories were trying to get?

As per the Factcheckzuk Com, due to this stunt, many Tories MPs will go to the TV and radio where they have given the statement that Jeremy Corbyn is a person in whom you can’t put your faith. 

What is the shared checklist?

People are often encouraged to use a shared checklist that states you must have faith in the source from where you are procuring your information. Secondly, you should read beyond the headlines given there. Thirdly you must check out all the facts. The fourth point states that you must check out if the given image is morphed or not. And last, you must check for all the errors. 

Final Verdict

Here, we have reached the concluding part of the article named Factcheckzuk Com, where we have talked about a political party that has changed its election campaign name to FastcheckUK. Its Twitter handle has a lot of fans. Though a lot of people are not stating it a great move and therefore, there are a lot of people who are talking about truths and facts besides the policy. 

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